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WildEarth Guardian effigy appears nears Craig, Colorado

In their attempt to kill coal in northwest Colorado, the WildEarth Guardians earned the deep ire of many town residents, who came up with creative ways of pushing back against the activist lawfare group. From tossing New Belgium beer from their store shelves when it was discovered the brewery had offered support to WEG in the past, to offering more vocal rebuffs once WEG spokesman Jeremy Nichols effectively told the community “tough shit” over the 2015 legal battle, a response like this seemed inevitable.

Isaac Smith spotted this effigy along Moffat County Road 33 south of Craig in late July:



When I last visited in April, I found this bumper sticker adorning the Dark Horse liquor store:

wildearth guardians terrorism

The store also featured a positive message–“We Support Coal”–and “Coal Keeps the Beer Cold!” on the marquee:


Some of the off-the-record comments I received back in April are, well, probably not suitable for print, but express a common theme of disdain for the harmful, petty tactics of the environmental group.

To say the WildEarth Guardians are persona non grata in a community where local control actually means strong support for natural resource development would be as easy as reading the signs.