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Energy and Environmental Policy (E2P) at the Independence Institute

By all measures, life is better. Because of our ability to safely, responsibly and efficiently develop natural resources, our standard of living is up, life expectancy is up, and our environment is cleaner. Individuals prosper while also enjoying a healthy planet. If we create an atmosphere where human potential flourishes and we dare to imagine, then everyone can reap the benefits of affordable, reliable, abundant, and safe power and revel in the beauty of a thriving environment.

Our Vision

Access to affordable, reliable, abundant, safe energy and a clean environment are not mutually exclusive. At E2P we envision a Colorado where every person is in control of his or her own energy and environmental destiny. Private property owners are in the best position to protect their land and environment, and the choice of energy resources and how they are utilized should come from the demands of an innovative and free market.

What is the role of government? To remain neutral, let markets work, let individuals innovate, limit regulations, and refrain from picking winners and losers.

Our Principles

  • People first
  • Celebrate prosperity
  • Innovation over regulation
  • Commonsense conservation
  • Primacy of private property rights
  • Results over rhetoric
  • Reject cynicism


Free Market Energy and Environmental Policy

  • Embraces our entrepreneurial spirit and optimism that we can have affordable power, responsible domestic energy development, and a clean environment.
  • Puts individuals in the driver’s seat and allows them to control their own energy future.
  • Lets the choice of energy resources come from the demands of the free market, and not from the preferences of policymakers, lobbyists, or special interest groups.
  • Champions private property rights.
  • Challenges the 80-year-old, monopoly utility model of electricity generation and distribution.
  • Puts states ahead of Washington, D.C.
  • Encourages limited and consistent regulations.
  • Rejects taxpayer funded subsidies.
  • Doesn’t pick winners and losers.
  • Welcomes transparency.


Latest Posts

  • Politicians should trust consumers to choose their own electricity provider

    Politicians should trust consumers to choose their own electricity provider

    • July 20, 2017

    By Grant Mandigora Why should elected officials who won’t be office in 2040 dictate to Colorado ratepayers which energy source their electricity will come from? Democrat gubernatorial candidates Mike Johnston and Jared Polis have pledged that Colorado will generate 100 percent of its power from renewables by 2040, known as the ”100 by 40” plan.

  • Hick proves Mark Twain’s quote to be true

    Hick proves Mark Twain’s quote to be true

    • July 12, 2017

    Parts of Governor John Hickenlooper’s announcement of his climate change executive order reminded me of Mark Twain’s famous quote: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Below are some of my favorite Hick quotes followed by my commentary. “We will tap

  • Global warming executive order or corporate welfare program for Xcel or both?

    Global warming executive order or corporate welfare program for Xcel or both?

    • July 12, 2017

    Doing his best Barack Obama rule-by-fiat impersonation, Governor John Hickenlooper signed an Executive Order (EO) to compel Colorado ratepayers to pay for compliance with the Paris Climate Treaty from which President Trump recently withdrew the United States. For someone who follows state level energy and environmental activity, this was a surprise. Usually these things get leaked,



Amy_Oliver_Cooke_TNAmy Oliver Cooke, Executive VP and Director, Energy Policy Center
Email: Amy@i2i.org
Phone: 303-279-6536, ext 107

Michael_Sandoval_TNMichael Sandoval, Associate Policy Analyst
Email: Michael@i2i.org