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A central role of an effective think tank is to produce quality research and analysis. Since 1985, we have provided research resulting in changes in law and policy. But we have never been content with just research. We are more than a think tank. We are an “action tank.” We put our ideas into action through groundbreaking litigation, coalition building, work on ballot initiatives, new media and investigative reporting. We don’t just fight on paper. We fight for freedom on the streets, in the statehouse, in the media, on the ballot, and in the courts.

The mission of the Independence Institute is to empower individuals and to educate citizens, legislators and opinion makers about public policies that enhance personal and economic freedom.


Because the pursuit of happiness and the enjoyment of life and liberty are matters of individual choice, the Institute addresses a broad variety of public policy issues from a free-market, pro-freedom perspective.

Through the Institute’s Policy Centers, areas of critical importance are addressed with a dedicated focus. The centers allow the public and media access to a concentrated source of expertise on education, taxes, healthcare, the Second Amendment, the U.S. Constitution, energy and the environment, government transparency, transportation, personal freedom, government reform, and local government.

Unlike other organizations which see government intervention as the only solution, the Independence Institute seeks to explore all alternatives, emphasizing private-sector and community-based solutions. The Independence Institute is recognized by friend and foe alike as one of the most effective organizations at setting a freedom agenda for Colorado and the United States.

Our Vision

The Independence Institute envisions a Colorado where people enjoy:

  • Debt-free government
  • Flat and transparent tax policy
  • Respect for property rights
  • Choice in education
  • Health care freedom
  • Limited Federal intrusion
  • An end to corporate welfare
  • Secure private property rights
  • Free market conservation
  • Local energy development
  • Least cost principal in energy policy

To reach that vision, we must ACT.

ADVOCATE limited government principles over politics.
CONNECT the Freedom Coalition, because Liberty is a team sport.
TEACH the enduring truths of personal and economic freedom.