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Have you ever wanted to know how to get something on your local ballot? We are always looking at the state issues, but often tax increases or other intrusions on liberty are put on your city or county ballot. Our training classes teach you how to put your own initiatives up for a vote – or at the very least fight the overreach of government through the ballot box.

We will also teach the skills you will need to apply for local positions and to serve as an effective leader. The training includes:

  • talk about the board/commission application process
  • learn what to expect once you are on a board
  • offer support as you serve your community

All classes are currently offered online only. You will be sent a link a few days before the class.



We all want to turn our country around. But we all can’t run for office or give as much money as we’d like to the people and causes we love. So what can we do? You can turn the tables by investing a few hours a month giving back to your local community. Whether you’re a millennial or a retiree, we need your help! If you volunteer your time on a board or committee, you will have credibility/authority to speak into many issues. As a member of a board or committee you will be heard – you have a captive audience.

Don’t waste your time and breath talking to like-minded friends… make a real difference! Change the Politically Correct culture to the American Culture.

For more information on how you can get involved in your local government, contact:

Kathleen Chandler