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The residents of Colorado have been roiled by public arguments over the proper scope of government and the level of taxes and spending appropriate and necessary to finance its operations. Unfortunately, Coloradans often hear most from the people and special interests who benefit most from the spoils of an ever-expanding government. Our citizens need clear analysis of government taxation and spending from non-partisan experts focused exclusively on the interests of residents and taxpayers. The Fiscal Policy Center does just that.

The purpose of the Fiscal Policy Center is to protect the pocketbooks of Colorado taxpayers and ensure government spends Coloradans’ hard-earned money responsibly and efficiently on essential government services. The center produces substantive policy analysis, educates the public on its findings, and promotes fiscal policy ideas centered around the principles of limited government, the free market, and the liberty of individuals and families to choose where their money goes.

Latest Posts

  • Murrey: Democrat deal on Prop EE benefits big tobacco, squeezes small biz

    Murrey: Democrat deal on Prop EE benefits big tobacco, squeezes small biz0

    The greatest friend of big business is big government. Thanks to apparent backroom dealings with Colorado Democrats, big tobacco and big government are poised to win big in Colorado with the passage of the state’s new cigarette, tobacco, and nicotine taxes. Small business and the poor come out the losers. Last week, The Colorado Sun reported on

  • Climate Suit Would Hurt Colorado

    Climate Suit Would Hurt Colorado0

    Originally Published in The Pueblo Chieftain – August 23, 2020 Boulder County, San Miguel County, and the City of Boulder have lawsuits against the Oil and Gas industry. They allege environmental damage and climate change from carbon emissions related to the industry. Perhaps there is such damage, and perhaps not. I am not writing to

  • Proposition 116 Facts

    Proposition 116 Facts0

    DID YOU KNOW PROPOSITION 116… IS A SIMPLE, FAIR TAX CUT FOR ALL INCOME TAX PAYERS This is an income tax cut of .08% for ALL income tax payers, from 4.63% to 4.55%. Everyone who pays income taxes will receive the exact same tax cut in proportion with what they pay. IS SUPPORTED BY GOVERNOR



Ben Murrey, Fiscal Policy Center Director
Email: Ben@i2i.org
Phone: 303-279-6536, ext 105