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Guess the cost of Polis’ 100% renewable mandate

Guess the cost of Polis’ 100% renewable mandate

Success with our Colorado Gives Day plan to give a lump of coal to politicians for Christmas! We hit our first target of $25,000, so the Speaker of the Colorado House, KC Becker, will be getting a lump of coal, literally. She gave us Prop CC, so it’s the least Santa can do for her.

Once we hit $35,000 Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg gets the gift of fossil fuel fun to thank him for crippling the oil and gas industry with SB-181. Give here to make it happen!

We have to get this done now because this legislature is so anti-fossil fuel that by next Christmas you’ll need to pass a background check to buy a lump of coal.

Since NO ONE – not the media, not the legislature, not special interest groups –  asked how much Governor Jared Polis’ 100 percent renewable mandate by 2040 would cost, we did. The answer is in our latest issue paper The Radical Reorganization of Colorado’s Electric Grid: The Cost of Keeping the Lights On. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot, anywhere from $941 billion on the low end to upwards of $4 trillion, maybe more. No wonder the Governor doesn’t want to talk about the cost of virtue signaling. Further, elected officials forcing us down this road will be out of office when Coloradans can no longer afford their electric bills and can reminisce about the days when electricity was abundant, reliable, and affordable. Read the report here.

There is some good news. If carbon emissions reduction is the goal and not the wind and solar virtue signaling, Colorado should consider nuclear and microgrids as we suggest in our paper. But then, the Governor couldn’t placate his eco-left base, which double as front groups for utilities and utility scale wind, solar, and battery special interests.

Every so often, II’s own Coalition Manager Kathleen Chandler hosts a Local Government Training Project in coordination with Michael Fields, Executive Director of Colorado Rising Action. They teach local citizens how to get involved with their local governments by walking them thru the application process so they can join a local board or commission in their community.  Well wouldn’t you know that one of our past attendees, Don Sheehan, member of the Senior Commission for Centennial, was elected as a Centennial City Council Member. He came to the local government class about 2 years ago and decided to stop complaining and get involved!  These classes work!

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