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Win a gun, need I say more? Oh, and save lives.

Win a gun, need I say more? Oh, and save lives.

We’re raffling off a gun. Read on.

There is a lot of handwringing over what should be done to stop school shootings. Many politicians think disarming YOU will make schools safer. But we at Independence Institute wanted to do something that could actually save lives. So we did what we always do —we sprung into action. We provided training to school employees on how to stop the killer and stop the bleeding, because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

You’ve heard me talk over the past couple of years about our project, FASTER Colorado, that trains armed school staff to stop an active killer and administer medical aid. Since most schools can’t afford the world-class training they need to best defend our children in schools, we have been raising the money necessary to fund scholarships. Most of the school staffers who have attended our program have gone through tuition-free. And we have more demand than we have spots.

After having added two additional FASTER classes this year due to more and more schools authorizing armed staff, we need to step up our game to fund scholarships for next year.

So, we just launched our first raffle, with a great gun package, and all the proceeds going to FASTER training. So you will not only feel good about helping train armed school staff, you might even win.

Let me repeat that. We’re raffling off a complete gun package, which, to the horror of snowflakes everywhere, includes a gun.

“The Plinker Package”, assembled by DangerLee Industries, includes:

  1. A Ruger 22/45 Lite .22Lr pistol that would make 007 jealous
  2. Burris Fastfire red dot sight, so you never lose sight of what’s important
  3. Hogue Grips, because gun control is a steady hand
  4. Qty 2 extra Ruger magazines (4 in total), before the new CO anti-gun legislature bans them
  5. VooDoo Tactical range bag, because purses aren’t just for chicks anymore
  6. Howard Leight L3 premium ear muffs, good for Christmas dinner with your anti-gun relatives too
  7. Radians shooting glasses, to look damn good
  8. Hoppes cleaning kit, because you promised your mother you’d stay clean
  9. DangerLee Industries hat, because baldness isn’t a choice, but it is a lifestyle
  10. Qty 10 boxes of .22Lr ammo (500 total rounds), because you remember not having batteries for your cool Christmas toy
  11. BENCHMADE Griptilian knife, just to cut to the heart of the issue

This comprehensive package is good for experienced shooters and those just starting out. It’s the perfect Christmas present. And your chance to win it all is only $25 per ticket.

The raffle tickets are only on sale until midnight of December 16th, and you can purchase tickets for, again, only $25 each. Click here to go directly to our raffle page.

One full FASTER training course costs us about $25,000. That’s 25 armed, trained teachers protecting our children. Help us reach our goal of funding one full FASTER class with this raffle.

Let’s all step up to make our schools as safe as they can possibly be! Help us be part of the solution.

Think Freedom!
Jon Caldara

P.S. Sadly, this raffle is open only to Colorado residents. So if you are reading this from outside of the newly Californicated Colorado, send this to your Colorado friends.