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When Work is Outlawed, only Outlaws…

The mayor of Denver has ordered the city on lock-down over COVID-19. In what seems to be Martial-Law-Lite, the mayor has pulled the plug on the very engine that keeps the residents of his fair town feed, employed and safe. Commerce.

You know socialists must be in power when going to work is an actual crime.

I guess a little civil disobedience is good then. We’re still working.

“Essential” businesses are allowed to remain unshackled including the “media” which is whipping us into a panic. Well, we are the media, or the un-media if you like. Independence produces CompleteColorado.com, your one-stop shop for all Colorado political news and analysis. Last year Complete’s readership grew by over 60%, putting it on par with many daily newspapers in the state.
Independence also houses a multi-media center that sports 3 different video, podcast and radio studios. (By the way, Abbey Road studios also had three studios. Just saying.) So, while many of our staff our working from home, be assured we’ll let the city close us down only after they close down the TV news and radio stations around town.

We are not taking the virus lightly. Please know that you too are in our thoughts and hope you are caring for yourself. We would not be here and able to do what we do without you and we want you to know that we appreciate you and are for your partnership as we fight for Colorado’s freedom.

You see, we are not only battling this virus, but the big government solution being foisted upon us by those who claim to be “helping us.”

Recently, I wrote a column for the Colorado Springs Gazette where I questioned the burden that we are being asked to bear, and posited that the takeover of our economy by the government could be permanent, and ultimately more harmful than the virus in the long run.

We have seen unprecedented government actions to shut down our everyday activities and economic vitality all in the name of fighting this virus. We at Independence Institute believe this cure to be worse than the disease and are working diligently to keep government in check. So, as you are taking care of you and yours, know that we are still out here working to protect your rights which are being threatened by this big government take over.

And what will your act of civil disobedience be?