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War has a way of clarifying what’s important

War has a way of clarifying what’s important

by Rob Natelson

(This column first appeared in the March 1, 2022 Epoch Times.)

War, like other life-or-death crises, has a way of clearing things up. You see this in how Ukraine has responded to the Russian invasion, and how other Europeans have, too. In the face of necessity, they’re doing what’s necessary. And part of what’s necessary is dumping the “progressive” nonsense.

The order went out in Ukraine: “Women and children to the rear. Men to the front.” For Ukrainian men it may well be, as Mark Twain would have said, their proud privilege to die for their families, their freedom, and their country. No “nonbinary” nonsense here. No ethnic, gender, or LGBTQ quotas.

The Ukrainians know that in time of war, it’s the job of men to fight, and of women to nurture their families and support the fighters. A soldier can concentrate better on the task at hand if he knows his wife is safe and his children are well-cared for. The lengths to which the American elite has gone to obscure this simple truth are obscene. I’m reminded of the disgusting programs to desensitize male soldiers to female distress so the males are not driven by their natural instinct to protect their women comrades. May we learn from the Ukrainian example.

Ukraine has an armed citizenry. She (yes, I use traditional English pronouns, and countries are feminine, for men stand in awe of them) never yielded to nonsense about “gun control” and disarming good citizens.

Thank goodness. We now see the results: “Men, bring out your arms. Line up, and we’ll give you more of them. And if you don’t have enough, then make them. Whatever it takes to kill the invader.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky apparently understands leadership. The three-day growth of beard is a nice PR touch. But that’s not what’s crucial. What’s crucial is he rallies his countrymen to fight for permanent things such as family, country, and freedom.

The Bidettes—the effete crowd in the Biden administration—assumed Zelensky would run like a coward. Just like their erstwhile Afghan professorial puppet. Just like they would in similar circumstances. So they offered Zelensky safe passage out of the country.

But Zelensky is not a Bidette. He’s a man. And because he’s a man, he responded as one: “I need ammunition,” he said, “not a ride.”

Even the mainstream media like him now: NBC News did a fawning story on him Sunday night. What a change from just two years ago! Remember how the media treated Zelensky when they were trying to impeach President Donald Trump for a phone call? They savaged him because he corroborated Trump’s version of the call.

I guess it helps the media that Vladimir Putin isn’t a socialist. Otherwise, they’d be more conflicted about Zelensky.

The Ukrainian example has also had a salutary effect on the rest of Europe. Europeans recognize that the Bidettes are not reliable, and that the threat from Russia is real. So they have pulled out of the muck and stepped up to help Ukraine. No more Eurosclerosis now.

Germany has announced she will raise her military budget. That budget finally will exceed the 2 percent of GDP that Germany’s NATO obligations require. Germany is also sending military aid to Ukraine.

More military aid is coming from Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and many other countries. Finland has stepped out of her “neutrality” role. The sparsely populated country has pledged $50 million in aid. The Finns know all about Russian aggression, having experienced it personally.

And it’s not just military aid: War can bring out the worst in people, but it also can bring out the best. Europeans—both public and private sector—are coming forward to help the women and children and foreign refugees pouring out of Ukraine. So are the best Americans. They’re not waiting for bankrupt Uncle Sam.

The Ukrainians are reminding us of lessons the American and European elites had forgotten:

  • Faith, freedom, family, and country are precious: So precious they are worth fighting for and, if necessary, dying for. No one, by contrast, dies willingly for an LGBTQ quota or an “equity, diversity, and inclusion” program.
  • The male virtues are strength, endurance, patriotism, protection, honor, and valor. The male virtues are central to any well-functioning society, and the “progressive” denigration of them in recent years has caused incalculable damage. Zelensky and his countrymen are reminding us, by example, of the pivotal role of responsible and virtuous men.
  • Those who risk or give their lives for the permanent things are heroes. It doesn’t matter what faults they may share common to their time. As we observe the Ukrainians, let us remember our own heroes. They also risked their lives for faith, freedom, family, and country. The next time someone is tempted to tear down a statue of a George Washington, may he pause and remember Ukraine!
Rob Natelson