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Ten Small-Scale Reforms For Pre-existing (Chronic) Conditions

Instead of more political meddling in insurance markets like guaranteed issue and community rating, the following free-market-oriented reforms would help alleviate the problems with pre-existing conditions.  From John Goodman at the Health Affairs Blog:

  1. Encourage Portable Insurance.
  2. Allow Special Health Savings Accounts for the Chronically Ill. 
  3. Allow Special Needs Health Insurance.
  4. Allow Health Status Insurance.
  5. Allow Self-Insurance for Changes in Health Status.
  6. Give People on Their Own the Same Tax Break Employees Get.
  7. Allow Providers to Repackage and Reprice Their Services Under Medicare and Medicaid.
  8. Allow Access to Mandate-Free Insurance.
  9. Create a National Market for Health Insurance.
  10. Encourage Post-Retirement Health Insurance.

For explanations of each, see Goodman’s article: Ten Small-Scale Reforms For Pre-existing (Chronic) Conditions.