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Stopping Obamacare: 10 Reasons to Oppose the “Exchanges”

From the July 2012 issue of Health Freedom Watch:

If states refuse to set up the ACA’s state-run health insurance exchanges (HIX), the Obama administration has little cash to impose a federally-run exchange and will have great difficulty implementing the law. As CCHF’s Twila Brase writes, “The Federal government (HHS) has authority to require ‘any measure or procedure’ to be undertaken by an Exchange.” As Cato Institute‘s Michael Cannon puts it, “Without these bureaucracies, Obamacare cannot work.”

Here, according to CCHF, are 10 reasons to not to set up an exchange (state-based website portal):

  1. The state will avoid the $10 million-$100 million per year operating cost .
  2. It will be difficult for the IRS to track employees and enforce the mandate-penalty (“tax”).
  3. People will not be forced automatically into Medicaid against their will.
  4. “Essential health benefits” including contraception will be difficult to require.
  5. People will have more options than bronze, silver, gold, and platinum policies.
  6. Employers cannot drop employees and force them into the exchange.
  7. Employers can’t be fined $2,000 per employee if just one employee uses exchange.
  8. Costly entitlements will not be expanded through exchange-based tax subsidies.
  9. Privacy will be protected from a massive data-sharing system, the “Federal Data Services Hub” (into which all state-based portals will feed private data to IRS and other agencies).
  10. The public will see the planned government takeover if the feds set it up.

Get more info on exchanges at CCHF’s www.StopHealthInsuranceExchange.org. Refusing to set up the government exchanges will protect the public and their pocketbooks.


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