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How to save lives and win a gun

How to save lives and win a gun

While talking heads droned on about how they want to end gun violence and stop school shootings, we at the Independence Institute did what we always do. We took action.

Now it’s your turn to take action by winning a new Glock pistol (5th gen) for only $25.

No, really. Read on.

Colorado law allows armed staff in public schools with permission of the board that governs the school district or charter school. That’s right, teachers can and are carrying guns in Colorado schools to quickly end a threat against our children. In fact, some 30 Colorado school districts are doing so right now thanks in great part to our training.

FASTER Colorado is led by our Laura Carno. The program teaches school staff how to stop a school shooter and then how to stop the bleeding of any victims until help arrives. For too long teachers have had nothing to come between bullets and their students other than their own bodies. This program is changing that.

To learn more about FASTER, which stands for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response, go to FASTERColorado.org.

It costs about $1,000 to put a teacher through the intense, multiple day course taught by SWAT team members and emergency medical personal. So to raise the $25,000 for the next class of 25 students, we are raffling off a gun package. Tickets are only $25 plus a small processing fee. All proceeds provide scholarships for armed school staff, as most districts can’t afford this advanced training.

And since we’re running the raffle, I’m not supposed to buy a ticket. So please win the gun package and give it to me.

Here’s a quick video on the raffle package worth $2,200. Package includes:
1.   Gen 5 Glock 19 MOS (the most advanced Glock they make)
2.   Trijicon RMR dual illuminated sight (to hit your target)
3.   Trijicon night sights (in case have your sun glasses on)
4.   Insight M3X light (because you’re getting old and can’t see anymore)
5.   Double magazine pouch (for twice the fun)
6.   Qty 10 boxes of practice ammunition (unlike me, YOU need to practice)
7.   Qty 1 of Hornady Critical defense ammunition (to make sure they remember you)
8.   DLI custom frame stippling for enhanced feel with trigger guard undercuts (get a grip)
9.   DLI custom Kydex holster of your choice (accessories make the outfit)
10. DLI 1 color custom Cerakote of your choice (I’m pretending I know what that is)
11. Benchmade Griptilian knife (the 2nd Amendment means knives too)
12. Fortitude Training Concepts class: Sure defensive handgun 1 (don’t skip school)
13. Bullets both ways T-shirt, sweatshirt and hat (clothes make the man)

The live drawing will be on March 18th at 11:30 AM. We will Facebook live on the Faster Colorado FB page here.

Win a gun package, help save lives, show your support for arming school staff, and hack off your anti-gun family member all for only $25!

Think Freedom,