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How to protect yourself against ObamaCare

The Objective Standard has published Paul Hsieh, M.D.’s article about how to protect yourself from ObamaCare (HR 3590).  Here are the topic headings:

  1. To the extent possible, arrange to pay for your medical care directly rather than through an insurance
    – Health savings accounts
    – concierge medicine
    – medical tourism
  2. Assume full responsibility for your personal health.
    – Eat Well and Exercise Regularly
    – Treat Government-affiliated Health Recommendations with Extra Caution
  3. In your own thinking, and in conversations with others, place the blame for America’s health-care problems where it properly belongs: on bad government policies and on those who have advocated them.
  4. Advocate the repeal of ObamaCare and the implementation of free-market reforms in health care.

Read the opening paragraphs here. (Subscription or article purchase [$3.95] required to read full text.)