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Give the Taxpayer a Lobbying Break – a Little TLC!

IP-8-1995 (April 1995)
Author: Fred Holden

PDF of full Issue Paper
Scribd version of full Issue Paper

Executive Summary:

  • Although American political heritage teaches the importance of representative government, in practice the best representation comes to those with the best lobbyists.
  • Over half (25%) of all lobbyists registered in Colorado represent government or quasi-government entities.
  • As a result, taxpayers are forced to support a large cadre of lobbyists who push for even higher taxes.
  • To provide better balance – and more truly representative government – a stronger taxpayer lobbying voice is needed.
  • One remedy would be to impose a 4% surcharge on lobbying expenditures of government entities. The revenue would be placed in a Taxpayer Lobby Trust Fund, to support pro-taxpayer lobbying.
  • Alternatively, or additionally, place a check-off box on the Colorado income tax form, so that taxpayers can voluntarily designate a portion of their refund to support lobbyists with a lower-tax smaller-government viewpoint.