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Give a lump of coal to Polis for Christmas

Give a lump of coal to Polis for Christmas

You can put Colorado politicians on Santa’s naughty list this Colorado Gives Day! Our progressives overlords deserve a lump of coal for Christmas.

Well, with your help we’re going to make that happen. Literally.

Colorado Gives Day is right around the corner. This day has turned into an important fundraiser for us. And it’s no wonder. Since the list of official “Gives Day” charities is packed with leftist causes and progressive organizations, Independence Institute stands out by contrast.

Unlike 350 Colorado, 9 to 5, The ACLU, Center for Health Progress, Center for Law and Policy, the Children’s Campaign, CoPRIG, Colorado Fiscal Institute, Jobs for Justice, New Era Colorado, Bell Policy, Progress Now, People Alliance and scores more such leftist groups raising money on Gives Day, we’re the charity that doesn’t work to grow the size of government, promote Socialism, or demonize fossil fuels.

Those leftist groups are having their way with our once liberty-loving state. And their politicians are turning Colorado into California. And for that they deserve a lump of coal, that delicious, plentiful and affordable source of energy they hate so much.

This Colorado Gives Day, December 10th, we’ve got “the Goal for Coal” campaign.

Depending on how much we raise, we will deliver a lump of coal to those selected elected officials who sold us out, lied to us, tried to kill our jobs, give our electoral college votes to California and want to leave us unprotected.

Here’s the Goal for Coal list – those elected officials who are on the public policy naughty list.

If we raise $25,000 for Colorado Gives Day, we’ll present Speaker of the House, KC Becker (D-Boulder) sponsor of Prop CC, a lump of coal for misleading voters on the forever tax increase.

If we raise $35,000, we’ll include a lump of coal for Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg (yes, another Boulderite) for admitting he’d like to end the extraction industry in Colorado and leading the charge on SB19-181, the de facto ban on oil and gas development.

If we raise $40,000, we’ll include Senate President Leroy Garcia (D-Pueblo) for turning on his own constituents and instead voting with Boulder.

If we raise $45,000, we can include a lump of coal for Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold for politicizing the SOS office and her targeting of free speech.

If we raise $50,000, a lump of coal will go to Attorney General Phil Weiser, another Boulder Democrat, for letting the governor of California choose what cars we can buy.

And if we reach our ultimate goal of $75,000 on Colorado Gives Day, we’ll make and hand deliver a special package of coal for the Grand Champion of horrible public policy, another Boulder Democrat (I sense a theme), our Governor Jared Polis for selling out our presidential vote to the coasts, stealing away due process with a flawed red-flag law, and so much more.

If you help us reach our GOAL, they’ll get COAL. The more you give, the further up the political ladder we’ll climb and the further into their stockings we’ll go this holiday season.

On the bright side, when they’ve destroyed our economy and can’t afford to heat their homes in the winter, they’ll have coal to help keep them warm. So, maybe they’ll thank us for the gift of hydrocarbons!

Please help us with “the Goal for Coal” campaign on Colorado Gives Day!

Think Freedom,