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Colo. Senate passes SB 11-200, would create politically-controlled health insurance exchange

The Denver Business Journal reports that “Colorado business groups got the result they wanted when the state Senate gave final approval Wednesday to a bill creating a health care exchange board, but they were not happy with the vote tally.” Read more: Business prevails over GOP on health exchange bill.

For criticism of this bill, see:

  1. Senate Bill 11-200: The Colorado Health Benefit Exchange (summary of Linda Gorman‘s issue backgrounder)
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    (Colo. Insurance Exchange weakens repeal efforts, feds will control it)
  3. Colorado Health Insurance Exchange bound to be strangled by federal controls, (w/ link to John Graham’s longer article against politically-controlled exchanges.)
  4. A critical moment to oppose health exchange, by Rep. Shawn Mitchell
  5. State Insurance Exchanges: The Case against Implementation, by Ben Domenech, Heartland Institute
  6. Should Colorado Establish an ObamaCare Health Benefits Exchange?, by Linda Gorman in the Summit Daily
  7. Why States Are Shying Away From ObamaCare’s Health Insurance Exchanges, Peter Suderman, Reason.com
  8. Do private insurance exchanges already exist? (Yes!)