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Putting party above principle does a disservice to both.
 – Michael Sandoval
Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers. Not just in energy, but everything.
 – Michael Sandoval

I have about a 1000 books in my library. If I had to choose, it would probably be the one I haven’t written yet. Stay tuned.

If I was sitting on an island, I’d take these 3: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Diehard, and Aliens. Also, I miss the 1980s.

I’m a numismatist and an estate sale junkie.

Michael J. Sandoval is a contract Energy Policy Associate Analyst for the Independence Institute, covering the green energy industry, environmental activists, and waste, fraud, and transparency in government. In 2013, Michael led digital strategy for education reform candidates in Douglas County, Colorado. Before that, Michael was an investigative reporter for The Heritage Foundation, where he specialized in coverage of green energy issues and social media strategies. He is a 2013 graduate of the Koch Associate Program. Michael is the former managing editor of People’s Press Collective and National Review Online contributor, and in 2012 was a political reporter for The Colorado Observer. An expert in new and social media, Michael’s work has been featured numerous times by the Drudge Report, The New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Politico, Fox News, Fox Business News, Townhall, a variety of energy industry publications, and dozens of radio outlets around the country, as well as blogs like MichelleMalkin.com, HotAir.com, and Instapundit.com. He is a 2010 graduate of Leadership Program of the Rockies. He holds an MS in Marketing from CU Denver, and a BA in History from CU-Boulder. He currently resides in Denver.

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