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A Constitutional Guide to Fighting Federal Overreach

The Independence Institute presents

A Constitutional Guide to Fighting Federal Overreach:

A Program for the Grassroots

Sunday, May 15, 2011

1:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Community Room
Red Rocks Community College
13300 W. Sixth Avenue (West end of Red Rocks Community College, lower level)
Lakewood, CO  80228
Park in South lot
Campus Map

This program will arm patriotic citizens with the constitutional information they need to restore liberty and constitutional government in America. Citizens will learn reliable, factual information from two of America’s top constitutional scholars.  Participants also will learn how to identify myths that, intentionally or not, can undermine the cause.

Attend this program to discover the real facts about:

*           Why the Constitution was adopted and what purpose it serves

*           Untruths spread about the Founders and the Founding spread by those who seek to discredit it

*           How the Constitution was to be interpreted.

*           What key provisions in the Constitution really meant.

*           How politicians and courts have destroyed limits on federal power and driven America toward bankruptcy

*           How you can use the tools provided by the Constitution to restore the Founders’ vision

Faculty: The faculty for the program are two of America’s leading constitutional scholars:

*           David Kopel is Research Director of the Independence Institute and one of the nation’s leading experts on the Second Amendment.  The author of numerous books and articles, he also teaches Advanced Constitutional Law at the University of Denver.

*           Rob Natelson is the Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at Independence at at two other think tanks.  He was formerly professor of constitutional law at the University of Montana, and has authored numerous books and articles, including the 2010 book, The Original Constitution: What It Actually Said and Meant.

Cost: Only $10.

Advance registration: SOLD OUT!

Extras: Free refreshments and handouts.  Also your autograph and personalized copy of Professor Natelson’s book, The Original Constitution: What It Actually Said and Meant will be available for purchase.


12:45 – 1:15: Registration and Greeting

1:15 – 1:40: Why A Written Constitution?  Explaining the Founding and correcting myths – Rob Natelson

1:40 – 2:00: Key provisions in the Constitution—what they really meant—Rob Natelson

2:00-2:45: What happened?  How “progressives” abused the Constitution and undermined limits on Government—Dave Kopel

2:45-3:15: Tools the Founders gave us to protect liberty—Rob Natelson

3:15 – 3:30: Refreshments

3:30-4:15: A practical roadmap for taking back America—Dave Kopel

4:15-4:30: Commentary on the “practical roadmap”—Rob Natelson

4:30-5:00: Discussion and questions