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Saying goodbye to my father

Saying goodbye to my father

Sorry if it seems like I’ve been a little out of pocket lately, it’s been a tough month.

You may have heard that I lost my father, Charlie Caldara, a couple of weeks back after he spent several weeks in hospice. My dad was a courageous man who shaped who I am today.

In lieu of any condolences, I hope you’ll take a moment and read the column I wrote about Dad’s decision to move to Colorado so he could be Colorado, not change Colorado. His story might well remind you of someone in your life who understood the craving Coloradans had to make our own choices, and take risk and responsibility.

The best way to honor true Coloradans like my father is to fight to bring back that Colorado character, that liberty, that drew them to unleash their talents in this once great state.

I thought I knew what hospice care was before Dad passed. Now I have a much greater respect for the mission of hospice and the truly brave and compassionate people who choose it as a career. My time with Dad at Denver Hospice was, well, beautiful. Here’s what I learned.

The progressives who rule our state want to institutionalize their identity politics; and here’s a fine little example. In order for attorneys in Colorado to retain their license to practice, they have to earn a certain number of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. Our overlords now require they take “diversity” training classes to satisfy the requirement.

Well, we at Independence value true diversity, that is diversity of thought and ideology. We don’t believe folks are what their skin color or genitals are, what they think their genitals should be, or who they have sex with. It’s just not how we identify people.

All the same, who doesn’t want to help lawyers stay in business (he says out of perpetual fear of being sued), so we’re offering our very own diversity CLE class next month in partnership with the Public Trust Institute, and at a fraction of the typical cost. Sign up HERE.

CLE Seminar: Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity and Constitutional Litigation

  • Date: October 14, 2021
  • Time: 9:00am – 1:00 pm MT, lunch included
  • Location: Independence Institute, 727 E. 16th Ave., Denver, Colorado 80203 (free parking onsite)
  • Cost: $25
  • Registration: https://i2i.org/cle/
  • CLE Credits: 3 CLE credits, including 2 EDI credit hours and 1 general credit hour (forms will be provided for accreditation in other states).

Presenters will include:

  • Adam Lamparello: Georgia Constitutional Law Professor and author of EDI commentary discussing “The Flaws of Implicit Bias—and the Need for Empirical Research in Legal Scholarship.”
  • Justice Clint Bolick: Arizona Supreme Court Justice on “Recent Changes the Court has Made to Increase Access and Decrease Racial Bias in the Justice System.”
  • Dan Burrows: Legal Director of the Public Trust Institute, presenting on “Constitutional Litigation for Everyday Litigators.”

Independence Institute TV

Finally, check out some of my most recent Devil’s Advocate episodes on Independence Institute TV. And while you’re there, don’t forget to click the subscribe button!

You’ll find great interviews with COGOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown, II constitutional scholar Rob Natelson, radio host Mandy Connell, author and political commentator Helen Raleigh, Complete Colorado reporter Sherrie Peif, and many more.

Think Freedom,