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What would you like to get Governor Polis for Christmas?

If we reach our GOAL, Governor Polis will get COAL for Christmas!

Here’s how: Colorado Gives Day is only a week away, and this year, we want to send the radical Boulder Leftists who are selling out our state and turning it into their dystopian Socialist paradise a gift: Coal! That’s right, if we reach out goal of 75,000, we will personally deliver lumps of coal to ALL of the politicians on our list!

During last week’s snowstorm, power outages ensued throughout the state.

Think about it. The lights went out and the heat stopped blowing. This happened with our grid still partially reliant on fossil fuels. Imagine how bad it would have been if we were wholly reliant on renewables! During the storm, the wind stopped blowing (or blew too hard), the sun stopped shining, and the rivers froze. Electric cars got stuck in the snow or wouldn’t start because their batteries were drained by the cold.

Fear not though, Independence Institute is here to the rescue!

Unlike the other leftist charities also clamoring for their share on Colorado Gives Day, Independence Institute has a plan to keep even the naughtiest Leftists warm and cozy!

The politicians who are pushing for a 100% renewable energy grid and electric cars might have had THEIR lights and heat turned off or gotten THEIR luxury electric vehicles stuck in a snowdrift. Well, to ensure they can be more comfortable in the future, we ordered them lumps of the most reliable energy source on our planet!

That’s right, this Colorado Gives Day, we ordered them some of the highest quality COAL Colorado could offer.

The more you give, the higher up the political ladder we climb, ensuring that the politicians who may have lost power are still able to enjoy the gift of light and heat!

Who are these politicians, and how much do we need to keep them warm? I’m glad you asked!

If we raise $25,000 for Colorado Gives Day, Speaker of the House, KC Becker will receive coal for sponsoring Prop CC.

If we raise $35,000, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg will also be gifted for admitting he’d like to end the extraction industry in Colorado and leading the charge on SB19-181, the de facto ban on oil and gas development.

If we raise $40,000, you can tack on Senate President Leroy Garcia for turning on his own constituents and instead voting with Boulder.

If we raise $45,000, Secretary of State Jena Griswold will join the list for politicizing the SOS office and targeting free speech.

If we raise $50,000, Attorney General Phil Weiser will begrudgingly enjoy warmth this holiday season, courtesy of II for letting the governor of California choose what cars we can buy.

And if we reach our ultimate goal of $75,000 on Colorado Gives Day, we’ll hand deliver a steaming hot pile of coal to none other than our Governor, Jared Polis for selling out our presidential vote to the coasts, stealing away due process with a flawed red-flag law, and so much more.

We have once again partnered with a dear friend at Integra Financial to match dollar-for-dollar, the first $10,000 we raise, meaning we are that much closer to delivering coal to EVERY politician on our list!

Remember, we reach our goal, they get coal!

Donate today at coloradogives.org/independenceinstitute

Think Freedom,