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TUNE IN: Jon Caldara on Tucker Carlson tonight at 6:40PM!

TUNE IN: Jon Caldara on Tucker Carlson tonight at 6:40PM!

Okay, that subject line MIGHT be true. If they can squeeze me in between impeachment craziness, Tucker wants to chat with me about getting canned from the Denver Post for being insensitive in my writing style. Don’t be upset if video of Chuck Schumer whining pre-empts me.

I had no idea this enforcement from the pronoun police would get national attention, then I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about it today. People are tired of being ordered, “you can’t say that!”

Since my last column was published (READ IT HERE ON COMPLETECOLORADO.COM), dozens of news outlets have picked up this story of a major newspaper firing its most read columnist for the anti-pc crime of insensitive speech, including the Washington Times, National Review, Washington Examiner, and even some UK outlets!  This outpouring of coverage shows that there are still free speech advocates out there willing to dissent to the prevailing authoritarian narrative about what we can and cannot say.

This is the story of free speech, of defending our right to say what we want and not fear reprisal from elites in government, business, or media. Thank you for your support!


TV Interviews:
Tucker Carlson Tonight: Pending the coverage of the impeachment, I will be on tonight (January 21) at 6:40pm.

“National Report” on Newsmax TV: I will be on “National Report” tomorrow (January 22) at 12:25pm.

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Think Freedom,