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Thanks for my latest legal trouble

Thanks for my latest legal trouble

I don’t understand how a conditional promise I made well over a year ago obligates me now.

As you know the good folks of Independence help honor the memory of my late daughter Parker by raising money for Children’s Hospital via the Courage Classic bike ride over the Rockies. They ride for Team Parker and my job is to ask folks like you to donate. We do extremely well every year, usually raising over $15,000. But we never broke $20,000. So for the last couple of years I teased that if we raised $20,000 I’d squeeze into spandex and get my blob of a body on a bike for the following year’s event. Two times I put out the offer. Two times we mercifully missed the 20 grand mark.

(In my perfect Nixon voice) I want to make this perfectly clear – I never made that offer this year. But when Team Parker barreled near $24,000 this year, the folks here seem to think that means I must ride next year. As a result, there is a sizeable legal dispute. We are convening a three judge panel of Shayne Madsen, our general council and head on our Political Law Center, Rob Natelson of our Constitutional Studies, and Second Amendment lawyer Dave Kopel to decide my fate. I’m hoping for a drawn-out trial schedule.

All of which to say THANK YOU for remembering my beautiful girl by supporting Team Parker and Children’s Hospital. You can still give here.


If you haven’t already heard, the Left is trying to take our Taxpayer Bill of Rights refunds – forever.

As shocking as that may sound, they are putting forth a legislatively referred, misleadingly worded ballot measure called Proposition CC that you will vote on this fall.  If all goes as they have planned – you can kiss your TABOR refunds goodbye.

If passed, Prop CC will cost Colorado taxpayers billions of dollars in perpetuity, would gut our very popular Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, forfeit all of our future TABOR refunds, and forfeit our right to vote on future refunds.  There is no sunset – and no real accountability to taxpayers.  The state isn’t in fiscal crisis – even the Denver Post says that!

How much is our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights worth to you, your kids, and your grandkids?  Are you willing to contribute $5, $10, $25, or more to help the good folks who are working tirelessly to defeat Proposition CC?  Please give to the No On CC campaign NOW!  Your future refunds depend on it!

For more information on Proposition CC and its devastating, permanent effect on your refund, visit www.VoteNoOnCC.com

For news and analysis of this scheme go to the Prop CC section of CompleteColorado.com:  https://pagetwo.completecolorado.com/category/proposition-cc/

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And don’t forget – August 24 is our famed Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Party. We will fill up so RSVP now!

Think Freedom,