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Stand up to D.C. on health care choice

Check out the op-ed by Linda Gorman and Jon Caldara in Sunday’s Denver Post. It begins:

Stop D.C. Yes on 63.

Washington went too far when it passed health care reform this year. While the voters of Colorado can’t change federal law, we can amend Colorado’s constitutional Bill of Rights to guarantee a right to health care choice and to stand up to D.C.

Amendment 63 — the Health Care Choice Amendment — makes certain that state officials cannot force you to buy a health insurance product you do not want, from a large corporation that you may not like, at a price that you may not be able to afford.

The amendment does three clear and unambiguous things:

• It guarantees that the state of Colorado cannot force you to participate in a health plan against your will.

• It guarantees that you have the right to spend your own money on lawful health care.

• It prevents the state from using your tax money to enforce federal laws that interfere with these rights. In this, Amendment 63 sends a strong message to politicians in Washington, D.C. …

First, it is wrong for government to mandate that people buy a product simply because they are alive. Even mandates to buy car insurance apply only if you own a car and drive it on public roads.

Read the rest of the article about Colorado politics at DenverPost.com: Yes on Amendment 63: Stand up to D.C. on health care choice.