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Six-figure salaries for CO health benefit exchange chief officers

From  Colorado Senate News:

The Draft Personnel Budget for the Colorado Health Care Exchange has been made available. According to the document, the proposed staff salaries are as follows:

Chief Executive Officer – $200,400 annually
Chief Financial Officer – $165,600 annually
Chief Operating Officer – $165,600 annually
Chief Communications Officer – $165,600 annually
Other staff salaries range from $45,600 – $150,000 annually

The projected 12 month budget for 24.1 full time employees (FTEs) in the office is over $3,000,000 – or approximately $264,023 a month.

Assistant Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, expressed his frustration with the proposed personnel budget for the health care exchange in the following statement.

“There is no justification for paying staff members of the health care exchange six figure salaries while families and businesses struggle to make ends meet and pay their health insurance deductibles. This sends the absolute wrong message to the people of Colorado. I hope these salaries will be adjusted and brought to a more reasonable amount that reflects the current economic conditions we are in as a state and nation.”

For why the exchange is a bad idea, see my Denver Post article: Don’t get mugged by a politically controlled insurance exchange.