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Rare economic honesty regarding Canada's green machine

Sound familiar?
  • fuel switching
  • promise of green jobs that never materialize
  • no cost-benefit analysis or business plans
  • refusing to allow “cost-cutting alternatives that would have saved ratepayers at least $8-billion.”
  • allowing the “green-industry lobby to dictate the structure of the province’s electricity sector in its favour.”
  • “high level of fiscal negligence and abuse of process”
  • “disdain for taxpayers and electricity consumers”
  • electric costs up 65 percent since 1999
  • electric costs to rise another 46 percent in the next four years

It’s not Colorado, but it could be. This is the consequence of the green machine in Ontario, Canada according to a new report from the Ontario Auditor-General. Canadian columnist Terrance Corcoran concluded in his opinion piece in the Financial Post:

[this is] the logical outcome when governments are allowed to run free with uneconomic green policies that are aimed at overthrowing basic economic realities. The massive spending and arbitrary policy-making become central planning run amok, an abuse of power and a neglect of sound policy. Heads should roll.

Admitting to a problem is the first step toward a solution. Right now, realistic Coloradans can only dream of this kind of honesty about the New Energy Economy.