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Prepare NOW for the hurricane

Prepare NOW for the hurricane


Dear Friend of Freedom,

“Hurricane California” is about to drown Colorado.

So I’m writing to give you our survival and recovery plan. If you’ve been following
me the past few months, you know I’ve been warning that Colorado is turning into “East California.”

I’m talking about a change in the character of our people.

Our Colorado spirit is being steadily washed away. It’s being replaced with the deadening spirit of Big Government, entitlements, and strangling control that possesses California. Many Californians are fleeing here—but bringing their big government mentality.

But if I can speak frankly, and you know I always do, I’ll be damned if I’m going to give up on Colorado.

Next to my kids, nothing is more important to me than the success of Independence Institute’s mission because I believe Colorado is worth saving.

So in 2018, Independence Institute is launching our “HURRICANE CALIFORNIA” SURVIVAL AND RECOVERY PLAN.

I’m asking you to renew your support for Independence Institute in 2018 as we launch this plan. We have three huge policy and grassroots priorities as part of this plan that need funding, while doing everything else that Independence Institute does to throw sand in the gears of the Big Government machine. These three priorities and our total operations will require that we increase our income to $3 million this year.

Sentence Californicating Politicians to “Hard

Under TABOR—the Colorado Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights—only voters can approve tax increases, not politicians. TABOR passed in 1992 with the help of Independence Institute. 2018 must be the year we revive it.

California is in fiscal free-fall in part because it lacks any effective mechanism for restraining the growth of government.

That same mentality is coming to Colorado. 2017 gave us the “Grand Betrayal” of the Colorado legislature as they slammed you, me, and our families with $550 million per year of increased taxes—without voter approval—by calling the new taxes “fees.”

In 2018, we will “Make Them Pay” for the betrayal by investing in massive citizen and voter education. Citizens will learn who violated TABOR.

Most importantly, we’ll educate citizens about why TABOR is so important . . . so that no politician dares a “Grand Betrayal” again. In fact, we’ll host a statewide roadshow so we’re sure everyone is exposed to the gifts of TABOR.

But I need you and others like you to renew your support for Independence Institute this year to help Colorado citizens fall in love with TABOR again . . . and sentence Californicating Colorado politicians to “Hard TABOR” to learn to obey this amendment.

“Fix Our Damn Roads” Citizens Ballot Initiative

As “Hurricane California” approaches, with your help we’ll build a hurricane seawall by educating Colorado voters about our “Fix Our Damn Roads” initiative on the ballot this November.

Our foolish legislators—Democrat and Republican—have CUT funding for our crumbing roads by almost 10 percent over the last decade. At the same time, income to the state that should have gone to roads (according to state law!) has gone to non-essential spending.

This is Californication, Colorado-style.

Independence Institute’s “Fix Our Damn Roads” initiative will tie their hands. It will require the state to spend this money only on road and bridge expansion, maintenance, and repair. Not on east-California goodies like public transit that few use and bike lanes.

So now, with your gift to renew your support for 2018, we’ll fix our roads and save a fortune for taxpayers like you!

Build, Fund, and Launch a Grassroots Freedom Fueling Machine

If freedom in Colorado is going to survive “Hurricane California,” we need to create ways to connect and organize freedom lovers to win policy and political battles.

freedomfy.com is one of those ways.

Independence Institute developed freedomfy.com to be an online crowdfunding app designed especially for people who believe in limited-government principles who are looking for funding for their projects, organizations, or candidates. Think of it as KickStarter of GoFundMe, but for fans of freedom.

It will take a hefty investment to get the technology fully operational, and then an awareness campaign to deploy it. But the results will be explosive!

You are the most important priority.

We’ll focus on these critical priorities while simultaneously pushing forward on other issues.

But frankly, nothing will happen . . . there will be no protection from “Hurricane California” . . . none of our three priorities will occur . . . without you and supporters like you renewing your support to help reach our $3 million budget goal.

Either you take action, or “Hurricane California” will sweep over our state and level our spirit of freedom as if the Rockies were turned as at as Indiana.

I’m not giving up on Colorado. I trust you aren’t, either. Yet we need a credible plan for hope. Please invest in the Independence Institute’s plan, and together let’s save Colorado now and for the next generation.

Think Freedom!


P.S. Your gift to renew your support for Independence Institute in 2018 is really a gift to your kids, grandkids, and the next generations of Coloradans. So help me get a strong start to the $3 million Independence Institute needs this year. Our “Hurricane California” Survival and Recovery Plan can make 2018 our greatest and most exciting year for saving freedom, and I can’t imagine you not being part of it. Let’s make history together.