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Obamacare’s state-run insurance exchanges: stopping them is key

Recommended reading for Colorado Rep. Amy Stephens & other Republican supporters of SB-200, which established CO’s exchange:

At National Review, The Cato Institute‘s Michael Cannon writes:

The most important [way to fight ObamaCare] right now is to ensure that states do not create the health-insurance exchanges Obamacare needs in order to operate. Refusing to create exchanges is the most powerful thing states can do to take Obamacare down. Think of it as an insurance policy in case the Supreme Court whiffs. .

Cannon provides a few reasons that states should not create an exchange:

  1. job growth
  2. religious freedom
  3. The U.S. Constitution
  4. A lower state tax burden
  5. Feds can’t subsidize “private” insurance companies w/o state-level exchanges. This could make ObamaCare collapse.

Cannon continues:

Obamacare does not and cannot mandate that states create exchanges. Moreover, state-run exchanges do not preserve local control. They will do Washington’s bidding, or else they will be commandeered or swept aside.

Read the whole article: No Obamacare Exchanges – Michael F. Cannon – National Review Online.