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New Independence Institute Ownership? Goodbye, Eddie; Hello, Little Ed Koch

Change is hard, especially when you’ve been 5 years old for so long like I have. But it can be good, too. Some of you may have seen today’s important news release from the Independence Institute about their new arrangement:

Under the terms of the agreement the Koch brothers have invested an undisclosed amount of funding into the Institute, in exchange they will receive 51% ownership of the organization. This will provide Independence with the resources necessary to continue operations and serving the cause of freedom in Colorado.

Caldara said that the change in ownership will not have a sizable change in the operations or the direction of the Institute saying, “We are thrilled about keeping the name “Independence” in the new iteration of our organization.”

Caldara declared that the newly titled “Koch Institute at Independence” pays tribute to our proud history but also points to our new and properly funded future.

Yes, you read that correctly. Some of you may already be wondering what the implications are for a certain edublogging prodigy in the Institute stable. Well, nothing is official yet, but combine a little bit of the rumor mill with my own overactive and innocent imagination, and this is what I have so far….

In a way, it’s kind of flattering to learn the nation’s 59th biggest political donors see Colorado as so important — particularly the crazy freedom fighters at I.I. You know, the ones to whom my parents have strictly limited my exposure.

At least, my original birth parents. Word on the street is that, as part of the deal, I get adopted by the Koch brothers. Which would mean I have to change my last name. And my first name, too. Well, sort of. Given that they probably think “Eddie” is too informal, childish, and reminiscent of a creepy TV neighbor kid, from now on, you all can refer to me as….

Ed Koch. No, not that Ed Koch — different pronunciation — may he rest in peace.

But still, no one knows for sure what the change in legal status, name, and image may mean for this blog. “Ed Koch Is Watching” would be even creepier than having that Haskell kid next door. And would I still be able to give the same thorough attention to issues like blended learning, tax credits, charter schools, performance pay, and boards of education?

Perhaps, but I probably couldn’t be as lighthearted, or as downright silly as I’m being right now: Happy April Fools’ Day! (Hopefully this one didn’t frighten you as much as last year’s version may have done.) In honor of the occasion, here’s the latest video treat from the crazy Fordham crew, titled “Schoolhouse of Cards”:

“Hunt or be hunted, Mr. Secretary.” The good news is nobody’s out like that for little Ed Koch… at least not yet.