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Movie Night at Independence

Movie Night at Independence

I suggested we watch Animal House, or at least The Godfather, but…

In celebration of this year’s National School Choice Week, our Education Policy Center will be hosting a free, public screening of Miss Virginia on Wednesday,  January 29 at 6PM here at the Independence Institute.  The movie tells the story of the school choice advocate Virginia Walden Ford, her efforts to secure better educational options for her son and others like him, and her role in the establishment of D.C.’s choice scholarship program. Check out the trailer. It’s the powerful story of what one parent can do to pry open options for her child. We will provide a light dinner. RSVP required to mary@i2i.org.

On the same topic, on Wednesday of last week, the United States Supreme Court heard the oral arguments in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, a crucial case addressing private school choice and state constitutional provisions barring aid from benefitting religious schools. Pam Benigno, who for over three decades has fought for school choice and who serves as the Director of Independence Institute’s Education Policy Center, was there in Washington and saw the arguments in person. Last fall, Rob Natelson served as the principal author of an amicus brief that we filed with the Court in support of the plaintiffs.

Of Motorcycles and Freedom: I had the chance to sit down with a good buddy of mine who, among many businesses, owns a company that builds and customizes motorcycles. I’ve long suspected a correlation between motorcycle riders and a love of Freedom. De Hick of Rottweiler Motorcycle confirmed it and explained it to me. Watch our interview here.

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Think Freedom,