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March 20 Event: "Is K-12 Employee Pension System Fair?"

Dr. Michael Mannino speaks at March 2009 event

How much do teachers, administrators, and other K-12 education employees really earn in extra pension benefits? The economy is hurting. Government budgets are tight. Yet taxpayers are still obligated to cover the costs of highly generous pension promises to government workers. University of Colorado at Denver professor Dr. Michael Mannino, author of the groundbreaking Independence Institute report Deferred Retirement Compensation for Career K-12 Employees, will explain and offer ideas for what can be done to fix the current pension system.

Friday, March 20, 2009
5:30 PM Reception
6:15 PM Program
Independence Institute Offices
13952 Denver West Parkway (Building 53), Suite 400
Golden, CO 80401

Attention Teachers!
Teachers are invited to come early to a special private Q & A meeting with Dr. Mannino at 5:00 PM. (Event is FREE for Independence Institute members and teachers with RSVP. All others, please bring $5 donation.)

To RSVP: https://secure.lexi.net/i2i/main/event.php?event_id=65&rsvp=