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Make 9News’ Kyle Clark eat his words AND stop the National Popular Vote

Make 9News’ Kyle Clark eat his words AND stop the National Popular Vote

We at Independence saw that online platforms were suppressing conservatives and libertarians, suspending their accounts and removing their content. We knew that conservatives needed a platform to raise money for their causes without fear of being kicked off.

We created freedomfy.com, which is a crowdfunding platform for freedom-loving causes. Think of it as Go Fund Me, but safe for conservatives and libertarians. Let me point you to a couple recent campaigns of great people doing incredible things:

Citizens are trying to reverse the new, awful National Popular Vote law. They are VERY close to gathering their goal of 200,000 signatures needed to get it on the ballot, a claim that Kyle Clark of 9News says is misleading. Well the anti-NPV folks think Mr. Clark is misleading. They are VERY close and need your help get them over their goal and force Kyle to eat his words. Please help them here. There is no better rebuke to our progressive overlords.

A pro-energy organization working to save a National Park? And I was told to be pro-oil was to be anti-environment. The Western Energy Alliance wants to raise $5,000 to fix the Mesa Arch trail in Canyonland National Park through their “Parks in Wreck” campaign. Please check it out.


If you don’t check out CompleteColorado.com every day, here is just a taste of the stories and columns you’re missing:

Caldara: Go ahead, put a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights repeal on the ballot

Caldara: Tax-hiking Republicans who may give Polis his special session TABOR deal

Mike Rosen: Democrats on parade in presidential debate

Dave Kopel: 1876 Colorado Constitution a radical declaration of independence

Rob Natelson: No, we do not have a ‘conservative’ Supreme Court

Joshua Sharf: PERA’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year

Mike Shelton: Tax rebates to corporations unfair, unhealthy, and unnecessary

Physics of energy generation makes Polis’ 100 percent renewables goal unlikely

Motor City Mad Man advocates for armed school staff at stump for Weld County Sheriff


Drink. Smoke. Shoot guns. (sadly not in that order)

Join me for the most politically incorrect event of the year – our annual Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Party and Fundraiser on Saturday, August 24, 2019. We’ll be at the coolest Sporting Club in the West—Kiowa Creek in Bennett, CO. Progressives are constantly taking shots at our freedoms….so we’ll be taking shots ourselves (think booze and clay pigeons) all while raising money to fight for our Second Amendment rights under the rock star leadership of our own Dave Kopel. Imagine guys and gals smoking cigars, a friendly shooting competition, a burrito breakfast and BBQ lunch, an engaging keynote speaker, a live auction with beautiful showgirls—I mean II staff members—all capped off with cold cocktails and beer.

Enjoy the brand new party pavilion at Kiowa Creek and help us joyfully thumb our nose at the nanny-state. We’ve been hosting the party since 2002 to celebrate the perks of adulthood. You KNOW you want to come.

To register: https://i2i.org/atf-party-2019/

Think Freedom!