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JCEA Says the Fight Is On, So It Doesn’t Hurt for Me to Stay in Shape

My Grandpa occasionally likes to watch boxing on TV, something he once told me was a “stress reliever.” My dad says when he was younger, he used to have a punching bag in the basement that he would use for working out, maybe for some of the same purposes.

I’m still only 5 years old, but beginning to think that maybe it’s time for this little edublogger to don the gray sweatsuit and do some jump-roping or running through the park. Why? Because John Ford, the president of the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA), said “the fight’s going to start in January”:

That puts me about 8 days behind already. I mean, did you see the boxing gloves in the background? They would be pretty effective for trying “to beat these bas_ _ _ _ _ back.”

(Technically, I’m too young to know exactly what letters are supposed to be filled in the blanks there, but I’ve been assured it’s not a compliment. He might be just talking about a superintendent and some school board members he doesn’t like. But even as one who talks about education policy and Jeffco issues from time to time, I can’t be completely sure.)

Apparently, based on what the Jeffco union president told his colleagues up in Boulder, the pushback is being powered by the state and national union political machines:

He agrees that we need to get students involved. The kids know JeffCo is at a crisis point after winter break. John said NEA brought in 46 organizers this summer. They hit 5,200 doors to have conversations with residents. NEA has given them a fulltime organizer. CEA is dipping into the Crisis Fund. CEA hired another organizer. This is all going through CEA Legal. One class action grievance has 3,600 names on it. All these grievances have to go through the Grievance Process. We always consult CEA first. They sent their whole staff out to organize people during the election.

Even so, Mr. Ford has stepped forward as the face of the school board opposition to let everyone know that “the fight is on.” Complete Colorado made a great catch with that story yesterday, and Colorado Peak Politics followed up to drive home the point about the schoolyard bullies planning an election recall this year.

But I think yours truly may have uncovered another piece of evidence that Mr. Ford is gearing up the union for some fisticuffs. This photo provides evidence of some serious carb-loading action, which apparently is seen as an effective approach for “improving performance and endurance” in the ring.

Most of you know I’m not a big fan of violence. And I also recognize that some kids find Mr. Ford to be a frightening presence.

Yet even if it’s more of a grown-up battle of rhetoric, money, and politics, it behooves little Eddie to stay in good shape. So if you see a little kid in a gray sweatsuit around with a fierce “Eye of the Tiger” look about him, it might just be me.