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  • Congress should use constitutional power to force states to honor gun rights

    Congress should use constitutional power to force states to honor gun rights0

    A few weeks ago, the House of Representatives passed the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 with bipartisan support. The Act would allow persons eligible to carry a concealed firearm in their home state to carry in other states as well. Opponents contend that the Act violates federalism. Actually, the Act is well within congressional powers under the Fourteenth Amendment. That Amendment was enacted specifically to give Congress the power to act against state infringements of national civil rights.

    Section one of the 14th Amendment forbids states to violate civil rights. Section five of the Amendment grants Congress “the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.” Enacted during Reconstruction, the Fourteenth Amendment was a remedy to ex-Confederate states denying freedmen the right to arms and other civil rights.

  • Come Drink, Smoke, and Shoot! (not in that order)

    Come Drink, Smoke, and Shoot! (not in that order)0

    There’s nothing the nanny state hates more than conservatives having fun. What they call dangerous activities, we call Saturday morning. PETA-friendly clay pigeons, cigars, and cocktails: Come Celebrate the perks of adulthood at the Independence Institute’s Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms Party and Fundraiser!  We love enjoying the perks of adulthood as much as we love

  • Christmas survival by gun and podcast

    Christmas survival by gun and podcast0

    Before you ever get to your Uncle Bob’s house for Christmas and ruin dinner by calling half your family Commies and the other half “weak-kneed Raiders fans,” you will first have to survive stop-and-go traffic on one of Colorado’s interstate parking lots. If only we had Fixed The Damn Roads. But I digress. Travel during

  • ATF Registration Extended!

    ATF Registration Extended!0

    REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO WED. AUG 15 NEW RAFFLE BID ITEM! REGISTER HERE TODAY! ATF Party & Fundraiser Hosted by the Independence Institute and our Generous Sponsors (Actual rifle may differ from photo) Start the bidding!  A custom AR-15 rifle build from DangerLee Industries estimated value of $1,300 will be a sought-after item on Saturday. 

  • A gun for $25?

    A gun for $25?0

    While talking heads droned on about how they want to end gun violence and stop school shootings, we at the Independence Institute did what we always do. We took action. Now it’s your turn to take action by winning a new Sig Sauer Concealed Carry Package for only $25. No, really. Read on. Colorado law

  • 2017 is shaping up to be another winning year for gun owners

    2017 is shaping up to be another winning year for gun owners0

    So far this year, thirteen state legislatures have enacted laws to strengthen the right to keep and bear arms, and none have passed new gun control laws. In every year this century, pro-gun laws have outnumbered anti-gun laws, but this year’s score is particularly lopsided.



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