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Free-market solutions for pre-existing conditions, & without ObamaCare’s perverse incentives

In an article published in Psychology Today, health economist John C. Goodman writes:

In my book Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis, I argue that we do not need more spending, more regulations, or more bureaucracy to fix the problems of our current system. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act prescribes heavy doses of all three. One outcome will be to make the problem of perverse incentives worse.

Here are ten ways to deal with the problem of pre-existing conditions that give people good incentives instead of perverse incentives.

Here’s the list.  See the full article for explanations:

  1. Encourage Portable Insurance.
  2. Allow Special Health Savings Accounts for the Chronically Ill.
  3. Allow Special Needs Health Insurance.
  4. Allow Health Status Insurance.
  5. Allow Self-Insurance for Changes in Health Status.
  6. Give Individual Buyers the Same Tax Break Employees Get.
  7. Allow Providers to Repackage and Reprice Their Services Under Medicare and Medicaid.
  8. Allow Access to Mandate-Free Insurance.
  9. Create a National Market for Health Insurance.
  10. Encourage Post-Retirement Health Insurance.

via Better Solutions for Pre-Existing Conditions | The Beacon.