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EPClogoThe Education Policy Center promotes issues such as school choice, school accountability, and teachers’ rights through its in-house publications, print media, Internet, radio, television, and legislative briefings. Calling for greater involvement of parents in the role of educating children, this Colorado think tank was the first in the state to promote ideas such as educational vouchers, charter schools, educator accountability, and public school report cards.






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  • True Pay-For-Performance Is Vital To School Reform: What Kids Learn Must Drive What Teachers Make0

    • November 1, 1992

    Teacher effectiveness is becoming a focal point of public dissatisfaction with the education system. Evaluation of teachers is seldom linked to their salaries, and merit pay when attempted usually fails because criteria are too subjective. Raises should be tied to what a given class learns in a given year, above an agreed baseline, adjusted for student aptitude.

  • Education Vouchers: America Can't Afford To Wait0

    • December 12, 1991

    The shortcomings of government schools in America resemble those of collectivism in the former Soviet Union. Vouchers could improve the U.S education system, offering better opportunities for the poor and removing racial barriers. Vouchers would make all educators, public and private, play by the same consumer-imposed rules of high standards in academics and discipline.

  • Why The Federalist Belongs In The Classroom0

    • December 6, 1991

    The Federalist can help prepare high school students for effective citizenship by teaching them the why of our American constitutional system. Studying this work illumines the Founders key assumption that human nature is a mixture of worthy qualities to be valued in the political system and baser impulses to be restrained.

  • Curriculum Abuse: What Parents Can Do A Pocket Guide For The PTA Battleground0

    • April 16, 1990

    A mother has been granted time on a school board agenda to speak about her elementary schools reading program. She is concerned that children are not learning basic word attack skills. She knows it is important to present her case effectively since the last critic of the reading program was publicly humiliated. She wants to have up-to-date information and to exert maximal impact. What does she do?

  • Teacher Certification: Safeguard Or Superstition? A Short Symposium0

    • April 9, 1990

    The Carnegie Corporation warns that the caliber of Americas newest teachers is at an all-time low. In response, Colorado Gov. Roy Romer has urged the legislature to revise teacher certification regulations in ways that will encourage professionals from other fields to enter teaching.

  • How Union Contracts Block School Reform: A Denver Case Study0

    • February 26, 1990

    Teacher contracts function virtually as the constitution for a district, yet their provisions are little known to the public. Unpleasant surprises emerge when the Denver Public Schools contract is read from the viewpoint of frustrated education consumers. Article 44 bars community accountability committees from monitoring classroom work (although required by state law).