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Education Policy Center Briefings Bring Out School Board Candidates Across Colorado

During the month of September the Education Policy Center hosted a series of four briefings on key Colorado education topics and local reform opportunities, specially designed for school board candidates. Center director Pam Benigno and senior policy analyst Ben DeGrow gave two presentations at the Independence Institute offices and one each in Colorado Springs and Loveland. Nearly 40 people attended, including a total of 30 school board candidates and members representing 16 different districts from Fort Collins to Pueblo and from Grand Junction to Kiowa.

Ben DeGrow wraps up the presentation to Colorado school board candidates on September 15 in the Roosevelt Room of Loveland's 4th Street Chophouse

Topics featured in the presentation were as follows:

  • Douglas County’s Blueprint for School Choice
  • Policies that promote high-quality digital learning and blended learning
  • District-wide innovation: Falcon 49
  • Collective bargaining reform
  • SB 191, performance pay and strategic compensation
  • Public School Financial Transparency Act

A copy of the PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here (please note: file size nearly 5 MB).