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Devils Advocate Archive 2013

  2013 Show Archive

 January 4th (Re-aired on January 8th) –

Part 1: House Speaker Mark Ferrandino on What to Expect in 2013

Incoming Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Mark Ferrandino sits down with Independence Institute president Jon Caldara to chat about what to expect in the upcoming legislative session.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Why the Fiscal Cliff Deal was Unconstitutional

Independence Institute constitutional scholar Rob Natelson joins host Jon Caldara to explain how Congress ignored the constitutional requirement that spending bills originate in the House in the recent “fiscal cliff” deal, and why it matters.

Watch the episode here.

January 11th (Re-aired on January 15th) –

Part 1: Colorado House Minority Leader Mark Waller on Prisons Colorado

House Minority Leader Mark Waller sits down with host Jon Caldara to talk about why it has been so hard to cut the Colorado corrections budget and close empty prisons, even as the prison population is steadily declining.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Commie Cowboys Author Ryan McMaken on the Wild West

Denver author Ryan McMaken sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss his new book “Commie Cowboys: The Bourgeoise and the Nation-State in the Western Genre.”

Watch the episode here.

January 18th (Re-aired on January 21st) –

Part 1: Linda Gorman on Colorado’s Medicaid Expansion

Host Jon Caldara is first joined by independence Institute’s Linda Gorman to examine the hidden costs behind Colorado’s plan to explode…er, expand Medicaid.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Derrick Wilburn on Conservative Race Relations

Derrick Wilburn from American Conservatives of Color sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss how the GOP can be less awful at appealing to black voters, and how the political Left has hijacked the message of Martin Luther King Jr.

Watch the episode here.

January 25th (Re-aired on January 29th) –

Part 1: Fort Collins Wants to Steal Land!

Northern Colorado activist Rudy Zitti explains how the Fort Collins City Council wants to use eminent domain take property from one private entity and hand it over to another (can you say crony corporatism?).

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Former Colorado Senator Shawn Mitchell on Executive Power, Gun Control

Former State Senator Shawn Mitchell joins host Jon Caldara to talk about executive power and gun control.

Watch the episode here.

February 1st (Re-aired on February 5th) –

Colorado 2013 Legislative Session

Host Jon Caldara is joined by Fox 31 political reporter Eli Stokols and Denver Post reporter Lynn Bartels for a look at the new legislative session thus far, and what big issues are coming down the line.

Watch the episode here.

February 8th (Re-aired on February 12th) –

Part 1: Which Political Party Has the Better Message for Women?

Host Jon Caldara isjoined by Democratic Strategist Laura Chapin and Colorado’s Future Project’s Krista Kafer to debate which political party has better messaging for women.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Should Colorado Comply with NDAA Mandated Indefinite Detention?

State Senator Jessie Ulibarri and State Representative Jared Wright sit down with host Jon Caldara to explain their pending bill which would bar participation by Colorado in the indefinite detention of U.S. Citizens.

Watch the episode here.

February 15th (Re-aired on February 19th) –

Part 1: Colorado Law Could Force Firefighter Unions

Host Jon Caldara is joined by Kevin Bommer of the Colorado Municipal League to discuss the issues with a proposed Colorado state law forcing collective bargaining rights for firefighters on local governments.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Colorado PUC Attempts to Crush Transportation Competition

Uber’s Denver general manager Will McCollum sits down with host Jon Caldara to describe the Colorado Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) efforts to protect the Denver taxi cab cartel from competition.

Watch the episode here.

February 22nd (Re-aired on February 26th) –

Part 1: Colorado Energy Office Audit: Millions Missing

Host Jon Caldara is joined by Independence Institute Energy Policy Center director Amy Oliver to discuss the disturbing results of the recent audit of the Colorado Energy Office.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Senator Greg Brophy on Universal Background Checks

Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy sits down with host Jon Caldara to explain the dangerous flaws in Colorado House Bill 1229, the so-called “universal background check” bill.

Watch the episode here.

March 1st (Re-aired on March 5th) –

One on One with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Host Jon Caldara is joined by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to discuss, among other issues, the numerous gun related bills making their way through the General Assembly.

Watch the episode here.

March 8th (Re-aired on March 12th) –

One on One with Professor Walter Williams

Professor Walter Williams of George Mason University, joins host Jon Caldara to talk about the current state of the free market in America. How do we get more people on board with less regulations and more freedom?

Watch the episode here.

March 15th (Re-aired on March 19th) –

Part 1: Why Women Are Upset Over Colorado Gun Control

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed several controversial gun control bills into law. Amy Oliver Cooke joins host Jon Caldara to explain why she feels gun control is a women’s issue.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Is Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Losing Popularity?

Dominic Dezzutti joins host Jon Caldara to discuss Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signing several unpopular new gun control measures. Is the governor risking his popularity? What future issues might Hickenlooper face that could jeopardize his popularity?

Watch the episode here.

March 22nd (Re-aired on March 26th) –

Half Time at the 2013 Colorado Legislative Session

Tonight on Devil’s Advocate, host Jon Caldara is joined by Colorado Springs Gazette statehouse reporter Megan Schrader and Grand Junction Sentinel statehouse reporter Charles Ashby for a look at the Colorado legislative session thus far, and a peek ahead at the damage yet to be done.

Watch the episode here.

March 29th (Re-aired on April 2nd) –

Part 1: Miller Hudson on Colorado’s I-70 Problem, Solutions

Political strategist Miller Hudson sits down with host Jon Caldara to talk about Colorado transportation. How can we tackle the I-70 mess? Are choo-choo trains the answer?

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Colorado’s Libre Initiative

How can Colorado Republicans reach Latinos? Michael Barrera from the Libre Initiative joins host Jon Caldara to discuss how his group is trying to teach hispanic voters about core conservative values like liberty and freedom.

Watch the episode here.

April 5th (Re-aired on April 9th) –

Education Policy with Guest Host Ben DeGrow

Guest host Ben DeGrow is joined by Frederick Hess, director of education policy studies at American Enterprise Institute and Douglas County School District Superintendent Elizabeth Celania-Fagen to discuss the importance of strong leadership in bringing about effective education reform.

Watch the episode here.

April 12th (Re-aired on April 16th) –

Part 1: Lawyer David Lane on Defending Citizen Initiatives

Lawyer David Lane sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss why it was important to go to court to overturn a 2009 law restricting Colorado citizen initiatives. Thanks to David Lane, Colorado citizens enjoy better access to petition their government at the state level.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: SB 213: Billion Dollar Colorado Education Tax

Host Jon Caldara sits down with Senior Education Policy Analyst Ben DeGrow to discuss Colorado Senate Bill 213. Sen. Michael Johnston’s proposed legislation would tie some school reforms to a massive billion dollar take increase! Is this for real?

Watch the episode here.

April 19th (Re-aired on April 23rd) –

One on One with Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm

Host Jon Caldara sits down with former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm for a one on one interview.

Watch the episode here.

April 26th (Re-aired on April 30th) –

Part 1: How to Turn a Financial Disaster Around

Author and former mayor Steve Laffey joins host Jon Caldara to talk about the financial turn around of a city in Rhode Island – from near bankruptcy to financial health. How might that story be applied to the nation as a whole?

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Tribute to Colorado’s Barry Fey

With the passing of famed concert promoter Barry Fey just a couple weeks ago, Devils Advocate host Jon Caldara commemorates Barry’s memory by re-airing an interview from last year.

Watch the episode here.

May 3rd (Re-aired on May 7th) –

Part 1: Dave Liniger of RE/MAX on “My Next Step”

Co-founder of RE/MAX Dave Liniger discusses his biggest life challenge and his brand new book, “My Next Step” with host Jon Caldara.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa on Anti-Gun Bills

El Paso County Colorado Sheriff Terry Maketa sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss his opposition to the new anti-gun bills.

Watch the episode here.

May 10th (Re-aired on May 14th) –

Recap of 2013 Colorado Legislative Session

Busy having a life and missed the whole legislative session that just ended? Then tune in to Devil’s Advocate as the editorial page editors of Colorado’s two largest newspapers, Curtis Hubbard from the Denver Post and Wayne Laugesen from the Colorado Springs Gazette, join host Jon Caldara to survey the damage from the 2013 Colorado General Assembly.

Watch the episode here.

May 17th (Re-aired on May 21st) –

Part 1: Dave Kopel on the Lawsuit Against Colorado’s Anti-Gun Bills

Dave Kopel joins host Jon Caldara to discuss the lawsuit against Colorado’s new anti-gun bills. Dave is joined by 55 Colorado sheriffs and others in opposition to the gun bills in federal court.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Colorado Secretary of State Gessler on Mail-in Ballot Law

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler joins host Jon Caldara to discuss the consequences of the mail-in ballot election law passed by the Colorado legislature this year.

Watch the episode here.

May 24th (Re-aired on May 28th) –

Part 1: DA George Brauchler on Nathan Dunlap Reprieve

Host Jon Caldara is joined by Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler to discuss Governor Hickenlooper’s recent temporary death penalty reprieve for Nathan Dunlap.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Natalie Menten on RTD’s New Tax Power

New RTD Board Member Natalie Menten sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss the new taxing power the Colorado legislature granted RTD this year.

Watch the episode here.

May 31st (Re-aired on June 4th) –

Colorado Charter Schools Turn 20

Host Jon Caldara sits down with Independence Institute Education Policy Director Pam Benigno and Jim Griffin from the Colorado League of Charter Schools to discuss 20 years of charter schools in Colorado.

Watch the episode here.

June 7th (Re-aired on June 11th) –

Part 1: Laura Carno on Recalling Colorado Senator John Morse

Laura Carno of “I Am Created Equal” joins host Jon Caldara to discuss the recall effort against sitting Senate majority leader John Morse.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Former Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton

Former Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton joins host Jon Caldara to discuss a number of issues and current events – like Colorado’s wildfires.

Watch the episode here.

June 14th (Re-aired on June 18th) –

Part 1: Weld County’s Sean Conway Talks Secession

Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway talks with host Jon Caldara about the movement for part of rural Colorado (including Weld County) to secede from the rest of Colorado to form the 51st state. Some call it North Colorado, some call it New Colorado.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: ACLU of Colorado on the NSA Surveillance State

ACLU of Colorado’s Denise Maes sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding the NSA, spying, and lack of privacy today.

Watch the episode here.

June 21st (Re-aired on June 25th) –

Keeping an Eye on Ethics in Colorado Politics

Consultant Miller Hudson and Colorado Ethics Watch director Luis Toro sit down with host Jon Caldara to discuss the state of ethics in Colorado politics. Are ethics complaints mostly filed for legitimate reasons? Or are ethics complaints and process used to take down political enemies?

Watch the episode here.

June 28th (Re-aired on July 2nd) –

Was This Legislative Session All About Jobs Jobs Jobs?

Kelly Brough from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and Tony Gagliardi from the NFIB join host Jon Caldara to discuss the business and economic impacts from the 2013 Colorado legislative session.

Watch the episode here.

July 5th (Re-aired on July 9th) –

What’s Happening During the Political “Off Season?”

Eli Stokols and Tim Hoover join host Jon Caldara to discuss the political happenings AFTER the legislative session ended. Does politics have an off season? Nope.

Watch the episode here.

July 12th (Re-aired on July 16th) –

Part 1: Tax Credits for Colorado K-12 Education

The Education Policy Center Director Pam Benigno joins host Jon Caldara to dig into the nuts and bolts of education in Colorado. Tune in to find out how a special tax credit could help disadvantaged kids get a better education in Colorado.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning in Colorado

Senior Fellow at the Independence Institute Krista Kafer joins host Jon Caldara to discuss a relatively new option in education: blended learning. What that means is using a combination of in-class and online education for teaching kids. In other words, education in the 21st century!

Watch the episode here.

July 19th (Re-aired on July 23th) –

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Race Relations in America

Host Jon Caldara is joined by attorney and former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Terrance Carroll and Derrick Wilburn from American Conservatives of Color for a discussion of race, Trayvon Martin, and the George Zimmerman trial verdict.

Watch the episode here.

July 26th (Re-aired on July 30th) –

Part 1: Supreme Court Citings: Constitution Scholar Rob Natelson

Constitutional scholar and Independence Institute senior fellow Rob Natelson joins host Jon Caldara to discuss his work that was cited a total of 12 times in 2 US Supreme Court rulings. Rob discusses the process by which he discovers the original understanding of the founders and their contemporaries.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Performance Poetry with Shawn Welcome

Acclaimed performance poet Shawn Welcome joins host Jon Caldara to discuss how poetry can help break the mold in conventional politics.

Watch the episode here.

August 2nd (Re-aired on August 5th) –

Part 1: Jason Worley on the Difference Between Gessler and Hickenlooper

Jason Worley from 560 KLZ radio joins host Jon Caldara to talk about the difference in ethics investigations between Scott Gessler and Governor Hickenlooper. Why does Hick get a pass and Gessler doesn’t?

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Cory Gardner on What’s Wrong with Congress?

Rep. Cory Gardner from the 4th CD joins host Jon Caldara to talk about the current state of politics in Washington, DC. How divided are things down there?

Watch the episode here.

August 9th (Re-aired on August 13th) –

Part 1: Amy Oliver Cooke on Ron Binz, the PUC, FERC, “Green” Energy Madness

Why is there so much national interest in former Colorado PUC chairman Ron Binz? Amy Oliver Cooke joins host Jon Caldara to explain why. Hint: Ron could rise to the top of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: ObamaCare Comes to CO: What You Need to Know

Obamacare is coming to Colorado. It’s right around the corner! And Independence Institute Health Care Policy Center director Linda Gorman sits down with host Jon Caldara to let viewers in on what they need to know. Just how bad will it be? And… health exchanges? What the heck are those?

Watch the episode here.

August 16th (Re-aired on August 20th) –

Rob Witwer, Eli Stokols on Dudley Brown, Vicki Marble, & Elections

Author Rob Witwer and Fox31 political reporter Eli Stokols join host Jon Caldara to discuss pro-gun social conservative Dudley Brown, Vicki Marble’s recent comments, and what it takes to win elections in Colorado these days.

Watch the episode here.

August 23nd (Re-aired on August 27th) –

Part 1: Reagan, Environmentalism, and Colorado

Perry Pendley from the Mountain States Legal Foundation sits down with host Jon Caldara talks about his latest book called Sagebrush Rebel, about Ronald Reagan and environmentalism. Bet you’ll never know the Colorado connection!

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Unite Against Corporate Welfare

Lisa Ritland from the Colorado Public Interest Research Group (COPIRG) joins host Jon Caldara to discuss how the left and the right can get together against economically destructive corporate welfare schemes, like the big agricultural subsidies and protections.

Watch the episode here.

August 30th (Re-aired on September 3rd) –

Part 1: Understanding the New Colorado Election Law

To help host Jon Caldara understand the insane new voting law in Colorado (House Bill 1303) are Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert and attorney Shayne Madsen. Will the side with the most busses now win Colorado elections?

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Wayne Laugesen on the John Morse Recall Election

Editorial page editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette joins host Jon Caldara to discuss what the view of the Senator Morse recall looks like from the inside of SD11.

Watch the episode here.

September 6th (Re-aired on September  10th) –

Part 1: Damon Sasso on the Douglas County School Reforms

By now you’ve heard about the wonderful school reforms happening in Douglas County. But you probably don’t know all the details. DougCo Champions for Kids director Damon Sasso sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss what DougCo to put kids first.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Laura Boggs on Why the Amendment 66 Tax Hike is a Bad Idea

Jefferson County school board member Laura Boggs joins host Jon Caldara to discuss Colorado’s latest proposed tax increase – Amendment 66. This is an initiative that will cost taxpayers $1 billion and in return, we get almost no school reform at all. Laura Boggs explains why this is a bad deal.

Watch the episode here.

September 13th (Re-aired on September 17th) –

Part 1: What Happened Behind the Scenes in the Colorado Recalls?

Pueblo County GOP chair Becky Mizel joins host Jon Caldara to discuss what happened on the ground to recall Senator Angela Giron by a landslide. How did an overwhelmingly Democratic district, often considered a Democrat stronghold, recall an anti-gun Democrat by such a large margin?

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Reporters’ Perspective on the Colorado Recalls

Denver Post reporter Kurtis Lee and Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Megan Schrader join host Jon Caldara to discuss the significance and their take on Colorado’s historic recall elections.

Watch the episode here.

September 20th (Re-aired on September 24st) –

One on One with Peter Schiff

Author, radio host, investor, and Austrian economist Peter Schiff joins host Jon Caldara to discuss how he uses basic Austrian economics to understand the world around us and accurately predict booms and busts.

Watch the episode here.

September 27th (Re-aired on October 1st) –

Prop AA: Big Taxes for Legal Marijuana in Colorado

Joe Megyesy from the Committee for Responsible Regulation and Sean McAllister from NORML join host Jon Caldara to discuss Colorado’s Prop AA on this November’s ballot. Prop AA proposes big taxes for pot that have some legalization supporters worried. Will big pot taxes push marijuana back into the black market? Will all the money go to schools? Tune in to find out.

Watch the episode here.

October 4th (Re-aired on October 8th) –

November 2013 Colorado Elections Preview

Host Jon Caldara sits down with the Associated Press’ Kristen Wyatt and the Colorado Statesman’s Peter Marcus to talk about Governor Hickenlooper, Senator Evie Hudak, Amendment 66 and more. What predictions do you agree with? Which ones are completely off-base?

Watch the episode here.

October 11th (Re-aired on October 15th) –

Radley Balko on the Rise of the Warrior Cop

Author and investigative journalist Radley Balko joins host Jon Caldara to discuss his new book Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces. Radley goes into what our nation’s founders believed about law and order and what “police” looked like during the early years of American independence. How did we get to where we are today, with our police looking more and more like our military? How can we stop this trend?

Watch the episode here.

October 18th (Re-aired on October 22nd) –

Part 1: Chris Vanderveen on Child Welfare in Colorado

9News reporter Chris Vanderveen sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss a case involving child abuse and neglect in Denver. Did these children fall through the cracks? What could Denver have done differently?

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Denver Post’s Tim Hoover on the 2013 Colorado Ballot

Tim Hoover from the Denver Post editorial board sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss all that’s on Colorado’s 2013 ballot.

Watch the episode here.

October 25th (Re-aired on October 29th) –

Linda Gorman on the failures of Obamacare

The Obamacare health exchange website has been an unmitigated disaster thus far, but what does that mean for Obamacare itself? Dr. Linda Gorman joins host Jon Caldara to discuss the present and future failures of Obamacare.

Watch the episode here.

November 1st (Re-aired on November 5th) –

Miller Hudson, Alicia Caldwell on the 2013 Colorado Elections

Political consultant Miller Hudson and Denver Post’s Alicia Caldwell sit down with host Jon Caldara to discuss the fallout from Colorado’s 2013 elections. Any surprises? Big winners? Big losers?

Watch the episode here.

November 8th (Re-aired on November 12th) –

Part 1: Colorado’s New Election Law Explained

Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert joins host Jon Caldara to discuss the new voting and election rules in Colorado. How does an all mail-in ballot election work? What happens if you haven’t voted for 10 years? What happens if you’re dead?

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Todd Shepherd on the Evie Hudak recall campaign tactics

Investigative reporter Todd Shepherd joins host Jon Caldara to discuss some of the nefarious tactics from the pro-Evie Hudak side during Colorado’s third recall election.

Watch the episode here.

November 15th (Re-aired on November 19th) –

Part 1: Joshua Sharf talks PERA reform

There is a fiscal train wreck approaching quickly and it’s called the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA). Joshua Sharf sits down with host Jon Caldara to discuss some ways Colorado can avert disaster.

Watch the episode here.

Part 2: Clint Bolick on Fighting for Liberty in the Courtroom

Clint Bolick from the Goldwater Institute talks about fighting for liberty and economic freedom in the courtroom. What’s it like fighting for school choice and other freedoms in our courts?

Watch the episode here.

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