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Devils Advocate Archive 2004


2004 Catalog of Shows


December 17, 2004
Representatives of the Colorado Civil Justice League and the Colorado Bar Association look at how our Colorado Supreme Court Justices rank.


December 10, 2004
Election law expert Rob Witwer and Common Cause Executive Director Pete Maysmith discuss the new campaign finance laws and how they worked for the 2004 election.


December 3, 2004
Denver Metro Side Columnists opine on state and local politics.  With Rocky Mountain News columnist Bill Johnson and David Harsanyi and Jim Spencer of the Denver Post.


November 26, 2004
Al Adams of Artic Power in Alaska and Steve Smith of the Wilderness Society debate the controversial topic of expanding domestic oil production and the impact it could have here in Colorado.


November 19, 2004
"Babes of the Independence Institute." 
Healthcare Policy Center Director Linda Gorman, Education Policy Center Director Pam Benigno, Senior Fellow Beth Skinner and Campus Accountability Project Director Jessica Corry blow apart the theory that women are lock-step liberals.


November 12, 2004
Want to know what the Democrats intend to do now that they enjoy a majority in both houses of the Colorado legislature? Join Jon as he asks that question and more of the new Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordan and the new House Majority Leader Andrew Romanoff.


November 5, 2004
How did we do with our election predictions?  What can we expect from our newly elected representatives and voter approved ballot issues? Jon, Denver Post political analyst Fred Brown and Rocky Mountain News reporter Jim Tankersley answer these questions.


October 29, 2004
Denver Post political analyst Fred Brown and Rocky Mountain News reporter Jim Tankersley prognosticate on what the voters will tell us on Tuesday.


October 22, 2004
We finally did our FasTracks debate.  At the last possible moment the FasTracks Yes supporter cancelled.  We persevered with an empty chair that had been reserved for Maria Garcia Berry, campaign manager for RTD’s 67 percent tax increase.


October 8, 2004
Debate – sort of – on the FasTracks 67% tax increase. Jon Caldara – for the proposal. Randal O’Toole – against. Moderator is Institute Research Director David Kopel. Who will win?


October 1, 2004
Is Amendment 34 good for property owners or just trial attorneys?   Clay Vigoda of Protect Our Public and Private Property Rights and Marcus Pachner of Coloradans for Responsible Reform discuss this important ballot initiative. 


September 24, 2004
Dueling campaign managers: Rudy Fernandez from Bush/Cheney vs. Sue Casey from Kerry/Edwards.


September 17th, 2004
Debate over Amendment 37, the proposed mandate to purchase energy from "renewable" sources.  Exactly what is this going cost the consumer in Colorado?  Mark Stutz of Excel Energy debates Ron Lehr of Coloradans for Clean Energy.


September 10, 2004
II Senior Fellow Beth Skinner debates Chris Sherwin of Citizens for a Healthier Colorado about Amendment 35, the proposal to increase the tax on cigarettes.


September 3, 2004
Colorado has a new charter school law, which allows the state to authorize new charters rather than just school districts.


August 27, 2004
Was John Kerry a war hero? Or are Republicans spreading vicious rumors?


August 20, 2004
Are Colorado’s rape shield laws outdated or oppressive?  Denver attorney Larry Pozner and National Coalition Against Violent Athletes (NCAVA) founder Kathy Redmond debate the issue.


August 13, 2004
Discussion of medicinal marijuana with chronic pain sufferer Dana May.


August 6, 2004
Pay-to-Play with Pete Maysmith of Common Cause and Phil Fox of CASE (Colorado Association of School Executives).


July 30, 2004
Reporters Mark Couch (Denver Post) and Jim Tankersley (Rocky Mountain News) discuss Colorado’s race for the US Senate.


July 23, 2004
Denver city councilman Charlie Brown discusses the initiative to ban the Circus in Denver.


July 16, 2004
Dave Kopel, author of the 59 Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11 debates the merits of the movie with Stith Bennett, co-founder of Boulder’s Progressive Café.


July 9, 2004
Jerry Kopel, father of II’s own Dave Kopel, takes on Colorado Republican party leader Dave Wardrop. That’s 8:30 pm this Friday on KBDI on Channel 12.


July 2, 2004
Arizona Congressman John Shadegg and NFIB President Jack Ferris join me to discuss "free market" solutions to health care issues in America.


June 25, 2004
Mike Miles joins Jon for a one-on-one interview. Miles is running for the Democratic nomination in the U.S. Senate Race against Ken Salazar.


June 18, 2004
A debate on RTD’s $7 billion project "FasTracks" with II’s Randal O’Toole taking on the General Manager of RTD Cal Marsella.


June 11, 2004
Denver DA Bill Ritter and former cop Howard Wooldridge debate legalizing drugs.


June 4, 2004
Political analyst Fred Brown and Denver Post reporter Mark Couch share their perspectives on the Colorado Senate Race. 


May 28th
State Representative Shawn Mitchell and Julie Tollesen from Equal Rights Colorado take a look at the legal issues surrounding gay marriage. 


May 21st
Dan Kaplis and Kathy Redmond.


May 14th
Jon Caldara hosts a discussion of Colorado’s new higher education voucher law with the Executive Director of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education Rick O’ Donnell and State Senator Ken Gordon. 


May 7th
A review of the 2004 legislative session. Hopefully we will be discussing the legislators who have the back bone to stand up to special interests and protect taxpayers.


April 30th
Guest host Penn Pfiffner and Bob Cote from Step 13.


April 23rd
This Friday on Independent Thinking, please join Jon Caldara and former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm. 


April 16th
Denver Post columnist Jim Spencer joins host Jon Caldara.


April 9th
This Friday on Independent Thinking join political consultant Katy Atkinson and Kyle Henley the capital beat reporter from the Colorado Springs Gazette to take a mid-session look at the Colorado Legislature. 


April 2nd
Shawn Mitchell on eminent domain policy.


March 26th
Colorado Senate President John Andrews battles the idea of judicial reform with Assistant Minority Leader Ken Gordon.


March 19th
Jon Caldara welcomes Dale Osborn, CEO of DisGen and father of wind development in Colorado, and Stan Lowendowski of Intermountain Rural Electric Association for a debate on renewable energy.


March 12th
Dr. Jay Greene of the Manhattan Institute and Representative Nancy Spence join Jon Caldara to discuss Florida’s McKay Scholarship Program which provides vouchers for children with disabilities.


March 5th
Jon Caldara hosts Craig Green and Western slope Representative Matt Smith debating Colorado water policy.   


February 27th
Pam Benigno and a Colorado Springs school teacher join Jon Caldara to talk about the teachers’ union and paying its dues.  


February 20th
Jon Caldara hosts a debate between senior fellow Beth Skinner and state rep. Shawn Mitchell over the SCFD tax renewal.


February 13th 
Peter Wood, author of Diversity: The Invention of a Concept, talks with Jon Caldara about diversity on college campuses.


February 6th 
Jon Caldara talks with Dr. Vern Cherewatenko, President of SimpleCare, about pay-as-you-go health care.


January 30th 
Rob Witwer and Pete Maysmith join Jon to explore if campaign finance laws are working.


January 23rd 
Rob Sanchez of Save the Circus Foundation and Dan Hanley of Political Voice for Animals talk about the treatment of circus animals.


January 16th 
A discussion between two cattlemen on differing sides of the mad cow debate.


January 9th 
A legislative preview with Mike McPhee of the Denver Post and Peggy Lowe of the Rocky Mountain News.


January 2nd 
Dave Kopel, Pam Benigno, Penn Pfiffner and Linda Gorman talk about what to expect in the freedom movement in 2004.