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Devils Advocate Archive 2002


2002 Catalog of Shows

December 27th
A look at 2002’s political highs and lows with Lynn Bartels of the Rocky Mountain News and Tom McAvoy of the Pueblo Chieftain.


December 20th
Author of What’s so Great About America, Dinesh D’Souza, on free markets, terrorism and Islam.


December 13th
Noted author, nationally syndicated columnist, activist Linda Chavez!


December 6th
Republicans now control the State Senate, thanks in great part to Senator John Andrews, who by the way, founded the Independence Institute.


November 29th
Independence Senior Fellow Craig Green explains how markets for water work in Colorado.


November 22nd
Meet the first woman Speaker of the House in Colorado’s history – Lola Spradley!


November 15th
It’s not a matter of if we will see educational choice, but when, with special guests Clint Bolick of the Institute of Justice and George Clowes of School Reform News.


November 8th
An election wrap up with Susan Greene of the Denver Post and Charlie Brennan of the Rocky Mountain News.


November 1st
A debate for Amendment 31, English Immersion between English for the Children and English Plus.


October 25th
A debate for Governor of Colorado between Bill Owens and Rollie Heath.


October 18th
A debate over Amendment 27, Campaign Finance Reform with Pete Maysmith of Common Cause and Election Lawyer Rob Witwer.


October 11th
A show for true political insiders!  A debate between Senator Wayne Allard’s campaign manager, Dick Wadhams, and challenger Tom Strickland’s manager Mike Stratton!


October 4th
A debate for the US Seventh Congressional District between Republican Bob Beauprez and Democrat Mike Feeley.


September 27th
A debate over Amendment 30, Same Day Voter Registration, between Dave Minshall from Yes on 30 and Katy Atkinson of Coloradoans for Fair Elections.


September 20th
A debate over Referendums A and D which would remove some of Colorado’s Term Limit laws.  Check out the web site: Colorado Term Limits Coalition.


September 13th
A debate over #28, which would end most voting in private booths in favor of mail-in ballots.  Check out their web sites – Pro: Bighorn Ballot, Con: Citizens for Accurate Mail Ballot Election Results.


September 6th
A debate over Amendment #29, to dramatically change Colorado’s primary caucus system.  Check out their web sites – Pro: Bighorn Ballot, Con: Save the Caucus.


August 30th
A debate between candidate running for Colorado Attorney General.


August 23rd
Is it time Colorado builds more dams for water storage?


August 16th
A look at third party politics in Colorado with representatives of the Colorado Libertarian Party, and Green Party.  Other third parties in Colorado: Colorado Reform Party, Constitution Party, Natural Law Party.


August 9th
We took a well deserved Friday night off.


August 2nd
Bob Williams, President of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, on the power of the teacher’s union.


July 26th
Tom Norton, the Executive Director of the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, on the state’s transportation crisis and the financing it will take to fix it.


July 19th
Chip Mellor, President of the Institute for Justice on the legal battles for free markets, including the battle for educational vouchers.


Pam Benigno of the Institute’s Education Policy Center on the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling that educational vouchers are constitutional.


July 5th
David Kopel on the state of the gun rights movement in Colorado and the country.


June 28th
The up-coming elections and that state of the conservative movement with Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform.


June 21st
A look at the free market movement in Germany with folks from the Friedrich Naumann foundation.


June 14th
Rep. Lauri Clapp on Colorado’s health insurance crisis.


June 7th
Todd Hartman and Lou Kilzer from the Rocky Mountain News on Chronic Wasting Disease.


May 31st
A look at the disappointing 2002 Colorado State Legislative session with Senator John Andrews.


May 24th
Former Attorney General of the United States, Ed Meese.


May 17th
Natural Resources Attorney Marty Allbright on the causes and solutions of Colorado’s water shortage.


May 10th
How Colorado is handling the threat of terrorism with Colorado Homeland Security Director Sue Mencer and Boulder County Sheriff George Epp.


April 26th
Placing public schools in private workplaces with Lisa Snell from the Reason Foundation and Evie Hudak from the Colo. Dept. of Education.


April 19th
Why shouldn’t booze be sold on Sunday?  Blake Harrison from Coloradans for Alcohol Choice vs. Larry Peterson of Morgan’s Liquors.


April 12th
A debate over the concealed weapons permit bill with Amiee Rathburn of the Colorado State Shooting Association and Ted Pascoe of Physicians for Social Responsiblity.


April 5th
State Rep Keith King and the head of Colorado Virtual Academy, Ken Griffith tackle the issue of online education discrimination.


March 29th
Capital Reporters Tom McAvoy of the Pueblo Chieftain and Trent Seibert of the Denver Post review the legislative season.


March 22nd
The state budget crisis Senators Ron Teck and Penn Tate.


March 15th
The politics of Colorado’s transportation crisis with Rep. Glen Scott.


March 8th
How we got into this health insurance mess with Merrill Matthews.


March 1st
Test automobile pollution by remote sensing with Don Stedman and Jerry Gallagher.


February 22nd
Should human cloning be banned, with Dr. Curt Freed.


February 15th
Is the Patriot Act really patriotic?


February 8th
Vince Carroll defends the misunderstood history of Christianity.


February 1st
Inner city educational choice with Janie Perry of Watch Care Academy and Kevin Teasley of C.H.O.I.C.E.


January 25th
US Rep. Tom Tancredo on terror, DC politics, immigration and term limits.


January 18th
Trent Seibert of the Denver Post looks ahead to the 2002 legislative session.


January 11th
CU Professor Christian Kopff on political correctness on college campuses.


January 4th
Bob Ewegen of the Denver Post recaps the politics of 2001.