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Devils Advocate Archive 2000

2000 Catalog of Shows

December 29th
Research Director Dave Kopel and Senior Fellow Dennis Polhill join Jon for a look at the Independence Institute and the free market movement around the country.

December 22nd
Meet Jared Polis, new member of the State School Board.

December 15th
A one-on-one conversation with Speaker of the Colorado House Doug Dean.

December 8th
A one-on-one conversation with Former Senate Minority Leader Mike Feeley.

November 24th and December 1st
A one-on-one conversation with Gov. Bill Owens.

November 17th
A one-on-one conversation with US Congressman Tom Tancredo.

November 10th
A look at Colorado’s wild election with Lynn Bartels of the Denver Rocky Mountain News and Fred Brown of the Denver Post.

November 3rd
Debate on Amendment 23, Tax Increase for Education, between Gully Stanford of the State Board of Education and Jon Caldara of Children First!

October 27th
Debate for State Board of Education, at-large seat between the D, Jared Pollis and the R, Ben Alexander.

October 20th
Debate on Amendment 21, Tax Cut 2000, with Douglas Bruce from Tax Cut 2000, versus C.U. Economist Barry Poulson.

October 13th

Debate on Amendment 20,Medical Use of Marijuana, with Julie Roach from Coloradans for Medical Rights versus Arapahoe County D.A. Jim Peters Coloradans Against legalizing.

October 6th
Debate on Amendment 24, Voter Approval of Growth, With Chris Paulson from Coloradans for Responsible Reform versus John Feilder from Coloradans for Responsible Growth.

September 29th
Debate on Amendment 22, Background Checks at Gun Shows, with Aimee Rathburn from the Colorado State Shooting Association versus an empty chair (S.A.F.E. Colorado refused to participate).

September 22th
Wendell Cox, Senior Fellow of Urban Studies at the Independence Institute, takes on Prof. Tom Clark of the University of Colorado over the issue of "Urban Sprawl."

September 15th
The one and only Fred Smith, President of the DC based Competitive Enterprise Institute, defends, and even praises, the automobile.

September 8th
Let the debates begin!  For the heavy-weight title of Colorado Secretary of State, in this corner wearing blue trunks, the Republican incumbent, Donetta “The Don” Davidson.  And, in this corner, the Democrat challenger, wearing red trunks, Anthony “Man of the People” Martinez.

September 1st
A one-on-one conversation with the Commissioner of Schools, Bill Malony.

August 25th
Television critics Dusty Sanders, from the Denver Post, and Joanne Ostrow, from the Rocky Mountain News, examine the latest wave in "Reality" TV and the upcoming Dr. Laura Show.

August 11th
It’s time to meet Ari Zavaras, Denver’s new Manager of Public Safety.  How will he answer the charges of nepotism and corruption in the Denver police department.

August 11th

It’s time to meet Ari Zavaras, Denver’s new Manager of Public Safety.  How will he answer the charges of nepotism and corruption in the Denver police department.

August 4th
Independence Institute Senior Fellow Linda Gorman explores the policies and politics of prescription drug coverage.

July 28th
A one-on-one conversation with former U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong.  What else do we have to say?

July 21st
Arapahoe County Commissioner Debra Vickrey takes on religious zealot Bob Enyart over his organized harassment of the neighborhood where a doctor who performs abortions live.

July 14th
The Colorado Board of Education last week voted to encourage schools to post the national motto "In God We Trust."  C.D.E. Chairman Clair Orr and the ACLU’s Sue Armstrong debate this controversial move.

July 7th
Gene Chick of Mothers Against Drunk Driving debates Peter Meersman of the Colorado Restaurant Association on the subject of lowering the blood alcohol content level for drunk driving and making it a national law.

 June 16th
A one-on-one conservation with with Douglas Bruce, author of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, State Senate candidate, and leader of Tax Cut 2000 which will be on this fall’s ballot.

June 9th
Are simple citizens smart enough to vote directly on important issues?  Or, should are elected officials the only ones capable of making policy decisions?  Dennis Polhill, chairman of the Initiative and Referendum Institute (and Senior Fellow at Independence) squares off against Dan Smith of the University of Denver.

June 2nd
Does a man have the right to wear a dress at work?  Nick Sarchet (who used to be a woman) of Equality Colorado and Benjamin Moore (who is fighting for his right to wear a pink skirt to his job) discuss Boulder’s new protection for "Gender Variance."
May 26th
Bob Ewegen of the Denver Post and Kevin Flynn of the Denver Rocky Mountain News discuss the merger of their two newspapers after a century old battle.  Is this Joint Operating Agreement a good thing for the people of Colorado?
May 19th
A one-on-one interview with the superintendent of Denver Public Schools, Chip Zullinger taped just days before he was fired!  Did he say he supports abolishing the Federal Dept. of Education?

May 12th
A review of the 2000 legislative session with the well seasoned Fred Brown of the Denver Post and the feisty Lynn Bartels of the Denver Rocky Mountain News.

May 5th
A look at the demonstrations (of silliness) against the World Trade Organization.  Independence Institute Senior Fellow Linda Gorman takes on protesters.

April 28th
It’s the loopiest idea since the baggage system at D.I.A., a monorail to Vail!  The Executive Director of the Colorado Intermountain Fixed Guideway Authority, Miller Hudson, wants your money for his choo-choo train set.

April 21st
A one-on-one interview with the greatest argument for term limits on two legs, Senate Minority Leader Michael Feeley, the thorn in the side of all Colorado conservatives.

April 14th
Dave Crawford, from Rocky Mountain Animal Defense, joins Jon Caldara. He’ll try to explain to me why prairie dogs should be placed on the endangered species list, why C.U. should not use lab animals, and why spotted owl tastes like chicken.

April 7th
One of the biggest victories in the war for educational reform happened in Milwaukee where the overwhelming majority of families using school vouchers are minorities. Dr. Howard Fuller helped lead the charge for vouchers in Milwaukee.  Check out the Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation for more info on school choice.

March 31st
Get your VCR ready for this look at mandatory trigger locks for firearms, lawsuits against gun makers, and the so-called "gun show loophole" with Aimee Rathburn of the Colorado State Shooting Association and Rep. Ken Gordon, Minority Leader in the Colorado State House of Representatives.

March 24th
Nationally syndicated columnist, Reagan appointee, Official English activist, and President of the Center for Equal Opportunity Linda Chavez in a one-on-one interview on bilingual education.

March 17th
Get a peek at the behind-the-scenes political battles over high-speed access to the internet.  What are the best policies to ensure true competition in the market of internet service providers?  Doug Hanson, chairman of RMI.NET challenges Tom Pelto of AT&T over access to AT&T’s internet infrastructure.  Check out David Kopel’s paper on this subject written for the Heartland Institute.

March 10th
Should the State of Colorado ban same-sex marriages?  If they are already illegal why are there two bills in the legislature to ban gay marriage?  Co-sponsor of one of the bills, Rep. Shawn Mitchell debates this hot topic with LoriAnn Girvan of Equality Colorado.

March 3rd
The Colorado State Legislature is half way through its session, one of the most contentious in year.  Lynn Bartels of the Denver Rocky Mountain News and Fred Brown of the Denver Post give us a legislative half-time show with everything but a marching band!

February 25th
A one-on-one conversation with former mayor of Indianapolis, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Research Fellow at Harvard, and top advisor to George W. Bush, Stephen Goldsmith.

February 18th
We’ve got a hot episode of “Independent Thinking” for you with Denver City Councilman Ed Thomas and Susan Greene of the Denver Post on the crisis in the Denver Police Dept.  Now that the chief of police has been canned, should the manager of public safety be next? 

February 11th
Education policy junkies get your v.c.r.’s ready.  This week on “Independent Thinking,” Rick O’Donnell, Dir. of Policy & Initiatives for Governor Bill Owens and Senator Stan Matsunaka argue the governor’s wide-ranging education reform proposal.