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Deadline for Teachers to Receive Up to $65 is Almost Here

It’s already mid-December, which means that the deadline for teachers to request a refund of their CEA Every Member Option dollars is fast approaching. In fact, the deadline is only a few days away on December 15.

Every year, a specified sum of money ($41 in 2019-20) is deducted from the paycheck of every full-time teacher who is a member of the union. This money is designated to be used exclusively on explicitly political activities.

This money is considered a voluntary donation (hence “Option”) only because those who pay it can request to have it refunded, but nobody can request that the funds not be deducted to begin with. In order to receive a refund, members must submit a written request to the Colorado Education Association at

Every Member Option Refund
Colorado Education Association
1500 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

In addition to mail-in requests, members can also ask for their money to be returned by filling out the appropriate online opt-out form, which is available on the CEA website.

Union members seeking a refund of their political contribution should also be aware that some local affiliates of the CEA collect an analogous contribution, though the full amount will vary by district. Local political dollars must be requested separately from the CEA Every Member Option. More information about local contributions and addresses to which refund requests should be directed can be found at IndependentTeachers.org. Because the amount of money deducted, deadlines, and opt-out procedures will vary from one district to another, union members seeking a refund of their political dollars are encouraged to contact their local affiliate if they work in a district where a local union operates.

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