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VIDEO: Colorado Property Tax Video Series

VIDEO: Colorado Property Tax Video Series

Under current law, residential property taxes are set to increase by over 30 percent on average across Colorado. Such increases will come as a shock to homeowners who until recently were protected from large property tax increases like this by the Gallagher Amendment in the state constitution. Renters will see the impact of the tax increase through higher rents. This is untenable for many Coloradans, especially those on fixed incomes.

While Gov. Polis has expressed a desire to provide property tax relief this session, so far, the legislature has only killed a Republican bill that would have paused assessment rate increases to keep tax bills low. The Democratic majority has offered no solutions of their own.

Our Fiscal Policy Center has launched a video series to help Coloradans understand how we ended up with this impending property tax crisis. In it, Fiscal Policy Center Director, Ben Murrey, explains what policy decisions over the last several years put us in this situation and the games politicians played to ensure property tax receipts rise at Coloradans’ expense.

Part 1

The first video explains the policy changes in 2020 that put us on our current trajectory of rapidly increasing property taxes. You can view that here:

Part 2

In the second video, Murrey explains how citizens tried to protect themselves from a sharp increase in property taxes, and he describes the political tactics the legislature used to ensure the citizen measure failed. You can view that here:

Part 3

Video 3 goes over the latest changes from the 2022 legislative session. It will give you a picture of how things stand today. It also explains how the legislature raised your taxes to pay for a small property tax reduction.

Part 4

In the fourth video, we review the solutions offered by legislators and citizen initiatives in 2023:

Part 5

What this series built up to, our fiscal policy center director in the next video offers the policy solution Coloradans need to control the growth in property taxes and protect homeowners and renters:

Part 6

On May 1, 2023, with just one week left in the 2023 legislative session, Governor Polis and Democratic legislators announced a last-minute property tax reform proposal. On the final day of session, the legislature referred SB23-303 to the ballot for voter approval. It will appear on the November 2023 ballot as Proposition HH. This video goes over the most important things to know about that measure:

Part 7

The next video in our series reviews each of the reasons the proponents of Proposition HH give for supporting it. For each form of tax relief the measure purports to give Coloradans, we point to a measure the legislature recently killed that would have provided as much or more relief as the comparable tax relief provision in Proposition HH. The video concludes that politicians denied Coloradans tax relief in the past, because they wanted leverage to convince Colorado voters to give up their future TABOR refunds. Watch it here:

Part 8

Shortly after passage of SB23-303, which referred Proposition HH to the ballot, a lawsuit emerged challenging the constitutionality of the measure. This video explains that lawsuit:

Part 9

The ninth video in the series goes over the ruling on the lawsuit over Proposition HH handed down by Denver District Court Judge David Goldberg:

Background Video

If you need some background on how property taxes work in Colorado, start with our explainer video, here:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel or keep an eye out for updates here to follow the rest of the videos in the series as they come out each week!

Ben Murrey