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Colorado Medicaid Expansion: Seven reasons Colorado should say “no”

Last week, the Denver Post reported:

The Obama administration in effect told states such as Colorado on Monday they must “go big or go home” on the controversial Medicaid expansion if they want full federal funding.

At Forbes, Merrill Matthews provides seven reasons that Colorado should not expand Medicaid:

  1. Medicaid Is Bad Coverage
  2. The Exploding Medicaid Population
  3. The Woodwork and Crowd-Out Effects — Those Medicaid growth projections are likely low, as eligible people “come out of the woodwork” to join the program.
  4.  The Cost to State Budgets
  5.  Federal Controls
  6.  Rampant Fraud
  7. Loss of State Sovereignty

Read the whole article for explanations of each: Seven Reasons States Should Just Say No To Medicaid Expansion – Forbes.

See also Linda GormanColorado Medicaid expansion: lousy health care for the poor, big bill for taxpayers.