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Californian of the Year nominations!

Californian of the Year nominations!

It’s almost that time of the year where we honor the person who has done more than anyone else in Colorado to change our once liberty-loving state into California. That’s right! Soon we will be unveiling the 2018 Californian of the Year!

Here at Independence Institute, we are committed to preserving what we call the Colorado Character: The craving we have to be free to make our own decisions. We battle those who are working to change our Colorado Character into California Control: The demand that we can and must make decisions for other people. And after the last election, we have to wonder just how close to a full Californian Conversion we are.

Next week we’ll start announcing our Californian of the Year nominations. If there is someone you think should be recognized for their work in moving Colorado even closer to California, please send your suggestion to us and our panel of judges will consider it. But hurry. We’ll be announcing the official nominees starting after Christmas! Eat your hearts out Oscars!

Until then, to help get you into the Christmas Spirit (Independence style), I thought you might enjoy this festive seasonal poem by our talented graphic artist and Creative Labs team member Tracy Smith.

‘Twas the Night before Festivus
when all through II
Many grievances were stirring
and I think we know why

The coffee pot was empty
on the burner so hot
in the hopes that someone
would just turn it off

The mail was nestled
in one great big pile
Where it will sit for
a very long while

And me in my sweater
and wearing my cap
the boiler’s not working
it’s a big piece of crap

When out on the lawn
there arose such a sight
three stoned homeless guys
bedding down for the night

Away to kitchen
I flew like a flash
to see all the cans
overflowing with trash

And inside the fridge
to no one’s merriment
are the slimy green remnants
of a science experiment

When what to my wondering
eyes should appear
But Jon Caldara
Drinking a beer

With a tiny ukulele
a crash and a thunk
I knew in a moment
he must be quite drunk

More rapid than eagles
inappropriate comments fly
making our lawyers
tremble and sigh

On Jazzy, On Sneakers
down the hall they tear
covering us all
in layers of dog hair

The interns are great
we say with a wink
if only they didn’t
stack plates in the sink

We leave out our trashcans
for our cleaning guy TJ
too bad he only picks them up
every three hundredth Tuesday

The doorbell it rings
then it rings some more
geez, people give us a chance
to get to the door

For freedom we work
writing research pages
for a tiny little paycheck
practically slave wages

But as much as we bitch
we just have to say
we wouldn’t want II
any other way

We all exclaim
as we drink Jack and Sprite
Happy Festivus to all
and keep up the good fight