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Help a Smug Liberal Cry

Help a Smug Liberal Cry

Have you heard of Colorado Gives Day?

It’s more than just a day. And it shouldn’t just benefit the Left!

Colorado Gives Day is a movement that inspires thousands of donors to support their favorite causes online at ColoradoGives.org. And we know the Independence Institute is one of yours because every time you give to freedom, a smug nannyist cries!

More than 1,800 Colorado nonprofit organizations are part of Colorado Gives Day, and most of them are terrific groups that improve our community. But a surprising number of them are part of the Left’s political machine: The Bell Policy Center, social justice groups like the “Colorado Center on Law & Policy,” The People’s Alliance, and CoPIRG. I could go on.

But there’s only one advocating for more personal and economic freedom: your Independence Institute. We work to protect your freedoms in a way that no other organization can.

Hundreds of liberty-lovin’ folks like you are helping us turn Colorado Gives Day into Give Freedom Day! Join us!

Last year was terrific — we surpassed our goal and raised more than $75,000 to fund freedom. But this year can be even better. With your help, we think we can raise $85,000 to protect liberty in Colorado. Are you in?

You don’t need to wait until Dec. 5 to make your donation. Do it now! Do it today! Because every single dollar you give will be multiplied.

You can make your donation right now so that it will arrive on the “your buck goes further” day of Dec. 5. Here’s how:
*Go to the Independence Institute’s Gives Day page here
*Press our green “Donate” button
*Add your donation amount and press the Colorado Gives Day button to schedule your donation to process on Dec. 5
*Complete the other fields and click “Add to Cart”

It’s so easy even I can do it. What’s even better is that donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions to the full extent permitted by law.

Call Shari Hanrahan at 512/627-9831 if you want to learn more.

And remember, just like Jimmy Stewart said in It’s a Wonderful Life, “Every time you give to the Independence Institute, a smug progressive cries.”

Think Freedom,