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Caldara’s Newsletter 09-09-16 “The Politician Protection Act”

If you missed our Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms party this year, you missed our best one yet. Oh so worth the hangover. Our mantra? Every time a clay pigeon dies, a liberal cries.

Until we do it again next year, I invite you to carry the spirit of the ATF Party with you by enjoying the perks of adulthood. Grab a Big Gulp and listen to the sounds of Michael Bloomberg weeping.

With liberals in control of government here in Colorado we are fortunate to have at least one weapon we can use to go around the power structure and impact change: our initiative process. We lowly citizens can place legal changes on the ballot for a direct vote by the people. It is because of the initiative process that we have the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, term limits, transparency laws, a ban on public funding of abortion, and so much more.

It’s no wonder political elites are always trying to destroy the initiative process. John Fund of National Review recently wrote, “in no state has the assault on the initiative process been more relentless and sustained than in Colorado.”

Sadly, it’s under attack again by the anti-TABOR crowd. This time it’s called Amendment 71 and, if passed, it would completely destroy our ability to create reforms in Colorado through the ballot box. It makes gathering signatures impossible for all but the uber-wealthy and requires a super-majority vote to pass an amendment.

The proponents of this power grab can’t even live up to their own standards. They could have written their proposal so that it would take a 55% super-majority vote to take effect, but they knew they wouldn’t get it. They’re part of the govern-as-I-say-not-as-I-do coalition.

On the encouraging side, voters already seem skeptical. Recent polling has the “yes” on 71 at only 47%. Of course the undecided voters will make the difference on election day.

71 could be re-named The Politician Protection Act because it neuters our ability to rein in government. No wonder so many current and former politicians are backing it. Stay tuned on this one.

Speaking of governmental overreach, ever heard of Urban Renewal Districts? They were created to clean up urban blight, you know, the slums. Who knew there were so many slums in vacant fields and grass lands. Local governments claim empty fields are “blight” in order to give tax deals to their cronies. Check it out in our latest Issue Paper, “The Empty Promise and Untold Cost of Urban Renewal in Colorado.”

Tune in for Devil’s Advocate tonight on Colorado Public Television, Channel 12, as I chat with Democratic strategist Ted Trimpa about Colorado politics and Westminster city councilman Bruce Baker about municipalities abusing urban renewal powers.

This week’s poll question at IndependenceInstitute.org is, do you feel safe going to the 16th St. Mall?

And don’t forget that drunken pledge you made during the last Superbowl – Every time the Broncos beat the Panthers you’d donate to Independence.

Think Freedom!