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Caldara’s Newsletter 08-24-16 “Check out with whom Thomas Jefferson is spending time”

Visitors to the Freedom Embassy are familiar with the life-sized Thomas Jefferson statue that keeps watch over our headquarters. Created by famous Colorado sculptor George Lundeen, passerby often stop to have their picture taken with him and read his empowering quote, “Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.” But lately there has been a growing stampede of folks coming to admire and photograph Tom. Outstanding, right?

It took one of our interns to explain the reason to us. The author of our Declaration of Independence has a Pokemon sitting on his lap. Players of “Pokemon Go” have been capturing a character called Charmander, who’s sitting with OUR Thomas Jefferson. Now, far be it from me to imply divine intervention, but as many of us struggle with how to reach younger generations with messages of Freedom, somehow a Pokemon shows up to lead young minds to Jefferson and his lesson on liberty.

What other think tank has that? (Yeah, I’m looking at you Heritage.)

Our Education team has re-vamped their SchoolChoiceForKids.org website, available in English and Spanish. It’s a one-stop shop for families searching for all of the educational options for their kids. Over the years, tens of thousands of families have been able to find the right type of schooling (online, charter, option, home school, and more) through this powerful tool. Now it’s better than ever.

Speaking of tools, the proponents of socializing healthcare in Colorado want you to vote “yes” on Amendment 69, or “Colorado-Care.” Our Linda Gorman gives you seven quick reasons that might not be a good idea.

And you’re going to love this one. Someone at the leftist “Progress Now” must have picked up a calculator. This socialist organization is against socializing Colorado’s healthcare and is urging a “no” vote. Read the Colorado Springs Gazette’s great send-up of liberal on liberal violence.

Our famed “Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms” party is this Saturday. And yes, we do smoke, drink and shoot. And remember, every time a clay pigeon is destroyed by a shotgun blast, somewhere a liberal cries. For more information and to RSVP online, go here.

Answer our weekly poll question, “Which Colorado sports team most often lets you down?”

Catch Pokemon and Think Freedom!