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Caldara’s Newsletter 07-18-17

Caldara’s Newsletter 07-18-17

The Western Conservative Summit, put on by our friends at the Centennial Institute, starts Friday. We hope you’ll join us for one or both fascinating workshops taught by members of our team of happy freedom fighters.

Learn how to get involved effectively with your local school district. Independence Institute’s Education Policy Center Director Pam Benigno and Senior Education Policy Analyst Ross Izard will share their insights on how to navigate the tricky geography of local school boards. Let them give you a paddle so you don’t find yourself up the creek. Make an Impact on Your Local School District begins at 1:30 PM on Friday, July 21 in Room 404.

After learning about how to impact K-12 education, stay in room 404 to attend Kathleen Chandler’s workshop on how to take back your country by getting involved on boards and commissions at the local government level. There are open positions on these boards where citizens just like you can get involved in your local government. Many of these commissions require only a simple application for participation. Check out Kathleen’s session to learn how you can join the fight and change city hall. Take Back Your Country by Taking Back Your Community begins at 3:30 PM on Friday, July 21 in Room 404. If you can’t make this training, Kathleen will also be offering a full training class on Saturday, July 29th. Click here for more information!

Summer is a great time to be a little more casual and join your II friends for a brown-bag lunch speaker’s event. Our Education Policy Center is hosting the event. Wear your shorts and sandals, bring your lunch, and enjoy!

The Importance of Spiritual Freedom
Guest Speaker: Dr. Steven Pittz
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Thursday, July 27, 2017
12:00-1:00 PM
Independence Institute
727 East 16th Ave., Denver, CO 80203

Do Classical Liberals and Libertarians really advocate and defend all the types of freedom they should?  Do we lose sight of a more fundamental and inspiring sort of freedom in current public debates over policy and principles?  In this talk, Professor Steven Pittz identifies spiritual freedom as an often overlooked category of liberal freedom.  He argues that we should do more to understand and defend this sort of freedom in the public domain, and that liberty-loving citizens should remember spiritual freedom as they seek to promote and defend liberty more generally. Pittz further argues that the debate in certain policy areas, particularly education, could benefit from consideration of spiritual freedom.

Bring your lunch and we will provide water and iced tea. Please RSVP to Edintern@i2i.org.

Think Freedom,

Jon Caldara