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Caldara’s Newsletter 04-12-17

Caldara’s Newsletter 04-12-17

We are getting a lot of great questions about our Earth Day Fossil Fuels Art Contest.

For instance, a very curious Andy Sloan kindly wrote to ask us the following questions, which I’ll share verbatim and try to answer here:

1. How do you live with yourselves, when you support climate denying organizations that will cause thousands of deaths in the short term and untold destruction in the long term?
A: Well, Andy, it’s very difficult. But my gas-heated home and my well-chilled beer helps take the sting out of my remorse.

2. Do you care about anything other than money?
A: Absolutely. Sex.

3. How are you going to use money after you die sooner than you would otherwise as a result of destroying Earth’s environment? Lining your coffins doesn’t count.
A: Oh, Andy, after I die I’m leaving all my money to the angry feminists to use in their fight to get their sense of humor back from the environmentalists.

4. Do you think a bunch of energy industry lobbyists know more than 97.5 percent of all climate scientists?
A: Know more about what? Making money from government research grants? Definitely not.

5. Do you think calling people who would prefer to live and for there to still be a habitable (sic) planet after they die “enviros” is a slick burn?
A: Slick? Oh, no, not at all. We’re just happy when anything burns.

6. How much did the devil pay for your souls?
A: Actually, I sold them to the Koch brothers first, who then marked them up considerably and sold them to the devil. Hence my TV show, Devil’s Advocate with Jon Caldara, every Friday night at 8:30 on Colorado Public TV, Channel 12.

Yes, we get emails like this all the time, and we love ‘em. You can love Andy right back by voting for the best Fossil Fuels Art Project at our 32nd Annual Founders’ Night Dinner on April 27, 2017. Registration ends April 14, 2017 for the greatest party of the year. We’re revisiting—with the help of video clips from last year—the comments of national policy experts Steve Moore and John Fund as they discussed the potential consequences of a Trump or Hillary win. Then we’ll hear what they have to say about where we stand today.

This is the Independence Institute’s most important fundraising event of the year, and we need you there. Sponsors can invite up to 10 guests and introduce them to our work. We can even help fill your seats with delightful dinner companions. Individuals continue to support our work to advance freedom—thank you!

You’ve heard of my First Political Axiom – there is nothing Republicans can’t f*** up. In-fighting, improper motivation, and straight-up surrender are all challenges for the GOP. Don’t believe me? Read my latest for the Denver Post discussing why Republicans fail so often.

For some reason, real people sometimes have other things to do on a Friday night, like go on a date, rather than watch my show, Devil’s Advocate. It’s fine. The good news is, if you ever miss an episode you can check out our YouTube channel, IITV, to see the past episodes. Now you have NO excuse.

Finally, vote in our latest online poll: Who is the best 2nd generation talent? I chose Arlo Guthrie over both Hank Williams Jr. and Julian Lennon.

Think Freedom,

Jon Caldara