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An Evening with Grover Norquist

Freedom on Tap
Tonight we’ll be drinking Coyote Gold® All Natural Margaritas during Freedom on Tap at 7pm, so grab a drink and join in! We are honored to be hosting Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform. Unfortunately, we had a last minute change in plans and Mandy Connell won’t be able to join us, but Grover will have plenty to talk about!

And a very special thanks to Coyote Gold® All Natural Margaritas, the perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Coyote Gold® Margaritas are now available in two canned versions: Coyote Gold Craft Margarita @ 22 Proof and Coyote Gold “Lite & Lively” Craft Margarita! Be sure to check them out here for some of the best margaritas crafted right here in Colorado!

By Zoom: (download here)
To join the meeting:
Meeting ID: 870 3659 4936
Password: 274045
CaucusRoom: Go to Events page



Businesses Re-Opening
Some of you may have seen the story of Jennifer Hulan, owner of Water’s Edge Winery and Bistro. She is finally able to open up her winery (with proper social distancing of course). Check out this quick video on her act of civil disobedience as she tries to save her business!

We’ve interviewed Jennifer about her situation if you want to get the whole story.

Budget Update
Last week, Governor Polis finally took our advice and cut government spending by over $200 Million. We wish he would have listened to us years ago but hey, better late than never!

Education Policy Center
It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, the celebration has new meaning. Thousands of parents are teachers too. And, if they are like me, more than everthey appreciate their children’s teachers. This may be a good time for parents to check out our SchoolChoiceforKids.org website that offers valuable resources such as becoming knowledgeable about your children’s learning styles. Or, maybe you want to learn more about homeschooling or online schools. If you think it’s time to look at your options, all Colorado public and private schools can be found on the website. Don’t forget to thank a teacher and give yourself a hug too.

Supreme Court
The US Supreme Court will allow live telephonic broadcast of oral arguments in cases of May 4 to 13, since the spectator area of the courtroom is temporarily closed. After each argument, C-SPAN will broadcast an hour-long program from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Each program will be a pair of lawyers who participated on opposite sides of the day’s case. Independence Institute’s Research Director Dave Kopel will be on a May 13 panel at 10 a.m. MT about the electoral college case, Colorado Secretary of State v. Baca. Other freedom oriented lawyers who will be participating in the program on other days are Ilya Shapiro, head of Cato’s legal center, Robert McNamara from IJ, and Eugene Volokh of UCLA Law and Volokh Conspiracy.

The belated legislative session will be re-starting soon. I offer up three suggestions to prepare for the next round of “emergency orders” in my latest for the Gazette. Read it here on Complete Colorado Page 2.

Think Freedom,